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Windows doesnt work

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  • Windows doesnt work

    Hi. today i donloaded drivers updates from this stie and ASC. Used both, downloaded 12 drivers and also cleaned registry and stuff, when it told me to reboot i did.
    When my laptop was turning on, after the lenovo logo appeared the screen started to go black - gray and so on. Its flashing all the time.
    I can get into bios but thats all.
    Laptop is lenovo z710 with windows 10 64bit and UEFI.

    I dont really want to pay and lose my laptop - especially photos...
    I can also say that when the laptop is so called "running", when i close the laptop it shuts down (just as it did when windows was working) but thats all.
    Help asap :X
    Btw im writing this from another computer with win 7.

    And no, i dont have recovery drive since this shet came with OEM windows.

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    Helllo xtoxicq.

    You could try to enter safe mode with command prompt.
    After that you can run SFC and DSIM tools to repair corrupted system files.

    You can find detailed walkthrough on this link :



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      If you still have the warranty for it, your best bet would bet to try and getting professionals to look at it. You can also explicitly mention that you want to keep the files on your hard drive, which usually isn't a problem.
      If you don't have the warranty anymore, you can try a couple of things. From the description you wrote, I can't be certain if it's an HDD boot issue, or motherboard or ram issue. Rams are usually easily accessible on the laptops. You would need to unscrew the bottom, remove the rams, wait a little and place them back in, see if that helps the issue. Secondly, try connecting your hard drive to another computer. There are USB add-ons for that, which do not cost that much. If the drive is accessible and healthy, it should allow you to extract the files, and that would also mean it can be a motherboard issue.

      If none of these steps help, I would still recommend that an expert would take a look at it and determine if it's fixable. Best of luck to you!