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Internet acting weird but its not my modem

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  • Internet acting weird but its not my modem

    Somehow Im trying to figure out why when I open up a browser that my internet takes a long time to load websites. I dont know if something is blocking my speed or something need to be turned off but its acting really slow. It took me a long time to get to speedtest website but when I did run a test I got . I did alot of network resetting and it would make it back to normal but once I shut my pc off and turn it back on then it might start acting slow again. Is it a way for someone on here to check my settings to see if its something wrong with my settings. It seem like windows 10 be giving me alot of problems lately . Im on a desktop and im using the wifi and my modem is right now to me. Hopefully I didnt confuse anyone with this one but if you need anything just let me know so I can show it.

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    Did you try to reset Modem? Try it, that may fix this problem.
    Check the other devices in your house to see if their internet is slow, too.
    If your computer and modem are working good then may be Wireless Signal is weak. In that case, you may need to re-position, tweak, and boost your router with a few tricks.
    Also check if you are kept anything on download in background, If so then it would slow down the browser.
    Clear the Browsing History and Cache as well, if needed you can reset the browser also.
    Disable the Antivirus Software and check the connection.
    If above does not work then you shall contact yours ISP.

    Thank you,


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      How do you tell wha tis downloading in the background . I dont think nothing is downloading and I did reset my browser. I might have to do the rest but how do I know what is downloading in the background.


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        I mean to say if you have anything kept on download through torrents because it disappears from Desktop every time unless you manually open it.
        Though you said nothing is downloading then probably I would suggest you to call your ISP for further support.
        May the ISP itself is running on low bandwidth.

        Thank you,
        Chadwick Church


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          I dont know what it is but I dont think its the isp because the wifi is good. I guess i will have to figure it out


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            Hello medeadly, you can check usage of bandwith on windows machine with task manager.

            Press Ctrl+Alt+Del, choose Task Manager.
            Click on the tab Performance, and check Ethernet(Network). There you can see your current bandwith usage by all programs on that machine.

            Also you could try logging into and check if there are any other devices currently connected to your wi-fi ap without your knowledge, draining bandwith.

            Hope you will find this helpful.



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              I have the same issue.