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    i figured i would mention the great iobit products and which need serious tweaking.

    My Iobit Choices
    SmartDefrag - My Defragger
    Advanced WindowsCare - My All-in-One Solution
    RegistryCleaner - Adds Better Registry Detection
    P2P Turbo - Amazing How Well It Works
    SmartRAM - has a lot of potential and love it lists free ram

    Needs Vast Improvement
    PrivacySweeper - low detection for what it does
    SoftwareAdvisor - very inaccurate, sometimes offers downgrade version as upgrade
    FirefoxTCP - nice combo but windowscare asks you to fix changes this made while it doesnt with TCPOptimizer.

    anyways great work guys, and i love where your going with your products as you can see i use a lot of your products and most of those i use, i use on a daily basis.