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Want to reinstall Advanced system Care

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  • Want to reinstall Advanced system Care

    Hi I need to know how I can re install Advanced system Care without having to pay again. I uninstalled the wrong programme and am now stuck! I do have a Licence Code,

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    Same computer ?

    Welcome to the forum Denise Lloyd :smile:

    If you are installing it on the same computer then there should be no problem, the licence is for one year for one computer.
    If it is the same computer but you can't get it to change to the Pro version when you put in the licence code then I suggest you do Clean Install and start fresh.
    If you are unsure how to do a Clean Install see This Post

    If you have changed computers (or motherboard) then I can only suggest you send an e-mail to and explain your situation in detail.

    All the best, woz of oz
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      Reinstall Advanced system Care

      Hello Woz of Oz
      Thank you for your information, I certainly appreciate the reply, and hope I can get it right. I am no "fundi" and as you can see by my "oops"! problem.
      I am not certain I understand everything! But I will go very slowly through the procedure you have given me.


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        Hello Denise,

        Please send an email to and provide us the detailed information of your problem so that we can help you reinstall the pro version on your computer .

        Thanks. Have a good day.
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