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  • Another Spigot, Inc thread

    Yesterday, I updated ASC. With the update was an extra "page" with freeware which included Iobit 360, FreeApps, Game Booster etc.
    This morning I looked at the startup list within the 360 console and discovered in the list "Spigot" with a search settings.exe file. The path is C-ProgramFiles-CommonFiles-Spigot-etc. File properties indicate it was loaded about the same time as the ASC update.
    I have done a search on Spigot and got various info such as "Backdoor.Spigot"trojan, and Possibly unwanted adware, and PUPS.
    Which is it?
    Is this a required component of ASC?
    I prefer not to use the Iobit toolbar. However, after disabling it, my default search engine preference cannot be reset.
    I keep getting a systray(lower right icon bar) info balloon that says a program has been blocked from changing the default. It does not say which program. However, none of this ever popped up until I allowed the download of the freeware.
    I am also experiencing some popups of alert boxes with title borders, but the titles do not give sufficient information such as what program is initiating it. (I do not know the terminology, obviously for these boxes) If ASC is initiating these, then the box should also say ASC or Iobit or whoever. Unidentifiable origins suggest a threat.

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    Hi mitcorb,

    I have copied your thread starter post here, so other users and IObit members may reply to your questions. Otherwise, in Spyware Removal Help section, you can only get replies from Malware Fighters.


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      reply to enoskype

      Thank you, enoskype:
      My apologies to Superdave and you, for not understanding the appropriate location for my post. When I saw a Spigot keyword during a search, that is what suggested the malware forum.
      I know we all have day jobs, and for some, this may be their day job, so I appreciate everybody's efforts in the services they provide for everyone with no expectation of compensation.

      I will await any reply I might receive in this relocated thread. If none, then that's my fault. If smoldering, then that's my fault, too.
      Thanks, again,


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        Hi mitcorb,

        First of all, it is not a required component of ASC at all.

        I would uninstall IObit toolbar and the other installed free applications if you don't want them on your PC.

        You should have unchecked that option when installing the recent ASC update if you didn't want them to be installed.

        I will not discuss those kind of optional extra installations, as I don't approve at all, but it is a way of promotion made for the compensation of cost of free applications.

        Most probably your search engine is protecting the change attemp made by the newly installed programs, that's why it is blocking the change.

        I am sure that ASC is not initiating those pop-ups.

        If you have that Spigot, then it is better to get an advice from a member with security expertise.

        Since you don't want to be guided by a Malware Fighter in Spyware Removal Help section, after uninstalling the unwanted programs, please wait for a member with security expertise, so if Spigot is a nasty one, it will be dealed accordingly.

        BTW, please give as much info as possible about hardware, OS, and security programs that you are using.


        - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -


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          Hi, my name is Laurentiu and I work for Spigot.

          I am here to provide information about how to uninstall searchsettings.exe. Please take a look here:

          Please contact me from our website if you need more help.
          Thank you.