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  • Licence and login details

    Hi, I am a bit confused here.
    I have windows care pro.
    I can not remember my login password to renew my licence.
    I have my licence number and my account name.

    After many times of contacting , I am still no closer to renewing my licence.
    This was the last reply from them:-

    >Sorry for the mis-understanding.
    >Do you mean your login information for Element 5? If yes, we do not have >this information, please directly contact Or >please let me know if we should forward your concern to Element.

    Why would I want to contact Element 5?

    I am still no closer to renewing my licence.

    Am I missing something here?

    Please help me before I go bonkers.

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    Dear Petef,

    I can understand your frustration, I'm trying to ascertain as to whether renewing the licence a month in advance of the expiring old licence changes the date of expiry of the new licence or do the date remain the same. :cry:


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      Try page ??


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        Sorry for all the trouble guys. Perhaps the links in this post(#7) will help resolve your issues.
        Great day and God bless horsepower & Mark Martin


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          If you still have a problem after trying all the above, please read this post of Tim Xue.


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            Renewing the ASC licence is in effect a new purchase which means the purchaser can lose out if installed prior to the old expiry date e.g I purchased in June 2008 expiry date June 2009 but the new licence expires in May 2010 because I purchased in advance and installed to soon.

            For the attention of Support and Avangate.


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              To myself,

              Let the licence expire and wait for the reminder