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Autocare.exe error

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  • Autocare.exe error

    Is Autocare.exe error somehow a part of Advanced Systems Care?

    I started getting the attached message after upgrading to ASC 4.0.0
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    Hi cowlisha. welcome to IObit forum!

    Please read the thread which the below quote from Cicely is taken from.


    Originally posted by Cicely View Post
    Hello Customer,

    This problem will be solved in our next updated version approximately at the end of this month.

    Thanks for your understanding in advance:-P

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      AutoCare.exe error

      I am also getting this error notice since downloading the Advanced System Care v4.0.0, also the automatic scan is not working.
      Have written to support - no reply
      Look forward to solution.


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        Auto Care.exe error

        I forgot to add, that I have removed and redownloaded the V4.0.0 version twice - no change.
        My PC was idle for about 6 hours and there were 4 error warnings.
        Turned off all automatic processes - no change.


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          Same Problem - Autocare.exe has crashed

          Getting same error of a crash and detailed reports of same. Tried to send bug report but that did not work either.
          Odd thing is that I have loaded Automatic System Care 4.0 on my three other machines, Emachine, HP netbook M210, and a homebuilt PC and don't get this problem on any of them. One is running Windows XP Home Edition, netbook is running Windows 7 Starter and the home built is running Windows XP Pro. Go figure!
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            It's strange. My autocare.exe is working for me :lol:


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              I've been getting same error since the upgrade to ASC4 and it's getting rather bothersome as it pops up several times a day.

              Is there any workaround short of uninstalling ASC4?


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                The updated ASC4, soon to be released after 15th of May 2011 and before the end of month, will solve the issue as pointed out HERE by Cicely from IObit .


                - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -


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                  I went into Control panel -> Admin Tools -> Services and changed Advanced SystemCare Service from Automatic to Manual, so it doesn't load at boot time.

                  So far, no more error messages.