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Advanced SystemCare affecting iTunes

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  • Advanced SystemCare affecting iTunes

    Several months ago, I installed Advanced SystemCare on my pc, and the results have been fantastic. My computer runs much faster and more efficiently.

    So, I installed the free, latest version on my laptop (also Windows XP) and when I went to sync my iPod immediately afterwards (I did nothing else on the laptop and no other programs ran), iTunes said it was all synced, which should have taken filled up to about 9 G, but instead, it deleted everything.

    iTunes keeps saying that the iPod is all synced up, but it shows nothing on it, and when I turned it on, it said no music was on it at all.

    Since Advanced SystemCare affects registries, did it affect how my iPod sync? It's synced perfectly for the past 5 years with no problems and only had this problem immediately after I installed Advanced SystemCare v5.

    Obviously, I deleted SystemCare, restarted the laptop, and the same thing happened. I'm thinking that SystemCare deleted something that Itunes needs to run in order to sync.

    I'd really appreciate any help in figuring this out.

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    Hi chinarain,

    Sorry for the delay.

    Please re-install iTunes to see how it works.
    IObit Support Team --
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      I haven't had any problems with I-tunes. But it takes longerto load...


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        Hi mhoppe
        To me it sounds like for eample some settings in privacy could possibly be responsible.
        It takes 3 screenshots to view all privacy settings
        It is possible to find autosweep.ini and copy that content - some forty lines I think which shows a number and an equal sign and then either 0 for inactive or 1 for active.
        I haven't yet found the command lines for having it shown in command prompt.
        If you have fixed your problem and want to run a cleaning with ASC you should first check all "problems" found and place those you need in the Ignore list before hitting the "fix" button.
        This applies to any cleaning you want to perform. (for the first time)

        Originally posted by mhoppe View Post
        I haven't had any problems with I-tunes. But it takes longerto load...
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