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  • ASC surfing Protection

    Ok as of late i have been finding that this small addon to my web browsers will slow it down in a bad way.

    When i know for a fact i am getting a 10mb download and a 5 mb upload speed.

    I have checked all of my firefox addons and they all work perfectly fine.Firefox runs alot more smoother with out the ASC surfing Protection.And i think that this ASC surfing Protection is either broken or incompatable with web broswers.

    Might want to look into this.

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    Hi Xcom46,

    Please feel assured that ASC Surfing Protection is compatible with web browsers.

    And please try the steps below to solve the problem:

    Open Advanced SystemCare >> Click "Rescue" on the top right >> Click "Rescue all Internet Boost" >> Reboot your computer and see how it works.

    Please download the tool from

    Then double click to run this tool and click “Save report to Desktop”. So you will get zipped file on your desktop. Please send it to with link to this thread so that we can look into the issue further.

    Thank you for your feedback. Warmhearted users like you will always keep us improving our products.

    IObit Support Team --
    If you're happy with our products, please tell your friends, families and colleagues about IObit and IObit products! We'd be very grateful!


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      surfing protection

      Hi Xcom,
      nice rig, no reason why you should have this problem.
      However in your CP you state using
      XP SP2 upgrading to SP3 might help,
      you also mentioned you checked your FF add-ons does this include WOT,
      it is possible they are fighting each other, so i would only use 1 of them.

      if in doubt use a hammer