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Extremely slow scans since updating from ver4 to ver5

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    'Indexing' is Only used to speed up access to Often-used files on Drives,
    Not sites or data on the Internet, correct?
    I've never checked on exactly what 'Indexing' Does and what is included.

    I enabled 'Indexing' on my wife's computer and she reported a slight Improvement during website developement, using W-7,
    but I've never tested it myself.

    Ah, I found what you are reffering to:
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      Hi prflani!

      What browser and version are you using? I'm curious if you use a different browser does the same thing happen? I've noticed that Opera is particularly prone to accumulate files.

      Live long ande prosper!


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        Going back to your previous post:
        Originally posted by prflani View Post
        ....With version 4 a deepscan would take about 30 minutes. Now with ver 5, the process can take 6-8 hours and several more hours to "fix" problems identified, even if only privacy issues.....
        Even 30 minutes seems a long time to me, my Deep Scan takes 5 > 10 minutes.
        What is the Capacity, Used Space and Free Space of your C drive (My Computer > Right click C > Properties)

        Do you have Enable Secure File Deletion ticked, see image of my setup:

        Originally posted by prflani View Post
        ....I've found that my CPU is running at 100% when ASC is running and this drops to 5% or less when it is not.....
        I am certainly not an expert on CPU but I have seen quite a few software use what looks like 100% CPU when it is available (computer at idle) but it 'releases' some of that CPU when Windows or other software needs it.
        A more knowledgable member might be able to explain CPU usage for us.

        Originally posted by wozofoz View Post
        ....Have you done a full anti-virus/malware scan lately? If not, it would be a good idea to do a full scan I think.....
        Sorry, I now see you previously mentioned that you did do scans
        Originally posted by prflani View Post
        ....No malware is found and my Charter Security suite finds no viruses or other issues.....
        All the best, woz of oz
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