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Driver Booster has prevented me from opening certain applications.

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  • Driver Booster has prevented me from opening certain applications.

    Driver Booster recently gave me a prompt to update my firewall settings and my drivers to protect against WannaCry ransomware. I allowed it to do so and now I'm not able to open up various applications. Some work, some don't. When I try to open them the window flashes in the taskbar, and then disappears. Task manager says that it's running, and I can force close it from there, but the window seemingly doesn't actually exist. I was wondering if there was a way I could work around this as it is impeding my day to day activities. What settings can I change to fix this? I'm running Win10 64bit with Driver Booster v4. This issue has never occurred until after Driver Booster editted my settings. Beforehand my applications all ran fine. I even had the applications open while driver booster was changing my settings, and only encountered the problem after I had restarted my PC for new drivers that were installed. I did nothing else.

    P.S. I apologize if this is the wrong area to put this question, as I saw a Driver Booster section, but an Uninstaller question was here so I was a tad bit confused

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    We are on the same page here - I posted wanting to know just the the heck did Driver Booster actually do and install on my PC because IOBIT had the nerve to not tell us. It states the changes/update will not take effect until I reboot my pc - now I think I will do a system restore and 'not' reboot! Thanks for the head's up that it messed up your settings. Seems like your Windows Firewall security level needs to be brought down a level to allow you to run everything you once did.
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      Hi All,

      Please see my post HERE


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