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  • Recordings not working?

    I am running the GB Beta 3.5 version and i decided i would give the fps tab a shot and try to record some small things for friends/youtube. I turned it on, set up a destination folder on my desktop left the resolution/quality alone and opened up Dead island, i saw the FPS meter on the top left and when i hit crt/alt/v it said it was recording. Ok great i did a sound test and made the video about 2 minutes long, stopped the recording, paused the game and minimized.

    I went to my folder and tried to play it but vlc says it doesnt recodnize the format (mkv) when i know vlc does in fact run mkv formats. I cant get ANY video player to recodnize it in fact. Ive used vlc player for years and ive never had an issue, i think its with GB and i cant figure out why.

    When i am done recording it saves the file and i noticed EVERY file (4 currently with 2 different games at different lengths) has the same file size they are all at 1.64mb and when i open properties there is no video length.

    Am i doing something wrong? the setup was seemingly simple enough and it says its recording but the fact that it outputs every file as the same size cant be right.