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    I would like some member feedback with the problem of playing flash games and CPU problems.I like to play a flash game on Facebook and play music at the same time using WMP 11.Because of high CPU usage playing the game it causes the music to stutter and even stop for a while.

    Reading up on Flash Games i know there is not much you can do but every tweak helps and in the past i have used Game Booster to help reduce the load,however recently the stuttering has started again.

    Last week i tried active boost on Advanced Systemcare and that seemed to help better than Game Booster did so at the moment i am using that.

    Any members that can give any tips to help with Flash games and CPU,my specs are 2.4G CPU and 1G of RAM.

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    Well im totally underwhelmed with the responses so far,but i have recently solved the problem so thought i would share it here.For people using Firefox you will have noticed a process called plugin container.exe,i have read that if you disable this process Firefox is open to crashes and problems,as a last resort i did disable this and have found Firefox now runs superfast playing flash games and watching videos on youtube.I have tested this for several days playing flash games that used to run at a snails pace and so far i have not has a single crash.So people do give it a go and see how it improves your browser,and if you do have problems you can always start the process again.


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      Hi midniteflyer,

      Thank you for the tip, it seems that no one exept you have found a solution for that issue in this forum.

      You can look into this in a positive way, as without knowing the answer, nobody is posting for just to post.:-P:lol::lol:

      Thank you again and cheers. :grin:

      - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -


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        Yep, I have no experience with Flash games. I don't know anyone that plays them. Me offering you advise would not help you at all.


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          Its not just on Flash Games masterblaster,after the recent Flash Player update i was finding YouTube was stuttering a lot which i have never had problems with before.I was reading about either down grading Flash Player or looking for a known problem with Firefox,i can happily report that i still have had no problems with Firefox after turning off plug in container.exe.