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Farewell IObit... It was nice while it lasted

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  • Farewell IObit... It was nice while it lasted

    If you need to understand why the title of this topic, please check this post:

    On that post you can witness that for several weeks the paid support was totally nonexistent, even that I submitted several paid support requests and posted several messages on that thread and even some PMs.

    BUT, is just the nonexistent paid support what is making me say farewell to IOBit??? not at all, based on the fact that I was totally ignored for a "premium" support that I paid for I deciced to fully uninstall ALL iobit products from my laptop.

    Then by coincidence as soon as I uninstalled ALL iobit products, and restarted my computer, Windows fall creators update was able to sucessfully install on my laptop!!! since this update was released for some "strange" reason it was not able to fully install on my laptop, and it was very strange (but very welcome) coincidence that after removing ALL iobit products this update was installed successfully after a couple of reboots.

    But that is not all the story, after Windows 10 fall creators update was installed and I manually rebooted my computer, I noticed better performance vs having installed:
    Smart Defrag Pro
    Advanced System Care Pro
    IObit Malware FIghter Pro
    IObit uninstaller pro
    Driverbooster pro
    IObit Unlocker

    And indeed my good old Dell latitude XPS 15 (L502X) is performing way better after Windows 10 fall creator update AND uninstalling IObit software mentioned above.

    So, after this strange but very welcome result I did the task of researching the internet for Windows Optimizers reviews and noticed that now "Top Ten Reviews" has ranked Advanced System Care pro 11 with the lowest rating:

    Even they mention that having this software installed "made our computer slower by 7.12 percent". (and this is what I was facing)

    IObit, sorry for being so harsh but all of this was triggered by neglecting my paid support and this makes me realize that my Windows 10 laptop is performing way better without any optimization software, that is right, I've not installed any other optimization software and due to the performance boost I will never ever use any optimization software.

    Seems that the trend expressed in many websites is true, Windows 10 as of today can take care of itself without any optimization or tunning software:

    DJ ektorbarajas:

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    Is really a shame that IObit has changed for worse!

    They used to answer at the forum and they used to answer paid support questions in no more than 48 hours (max).

    Now the forums are plagued with posts with no replies from moderators, experts or IOBit staff.

    And the paid support is practically non-existent

    Indeed, it was good nice while it lasted...
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    DJ ektorbarajas: