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Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2012 Beta 1.0 is released!

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    Thank You! It would be nice if you did not combining these three into one. If, then only two of them - Malware Fighter and Anti Virus. ASC is a good thing, but all in one is questionable to use. Can not simultaneously use two anti-virus protection. Why then such a forced situation, which may end with non-using it at all, because there is simply not possible to use if using some other antivirus.
    The reasons may be very different, why can not or do not want to use this antivirus. And then can not to use the second part of this program, which is not bad at the same time.


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      Beta Prog 10bit is great.

      Originally posted by Cicely View Post
      Hi Buddahfan,

      ASC with Antivirus is not a replacement of ASC.

      We will still provide ASC without anti-virus function. Actually, we've started the work on ASC V6 already.

      Your guess is right!
      I have been using this beta prog for two days all seems fine, runs well no bugs as yet. Have not uninstalled MS Enssentals yet Anti - virus is fast working great picked up virus on first scan, beat MS. E. to the post going to run as is for a while untill I get used to using prog, will update on usage and get back to all.


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        Originally posted by sabretooth View Post
        So my question is how often are the virus definitions updated? How does IObit know about any new viruses in order to add them to the update? Are they as fast as AVG, McAfee or Norton? If they update the definitions 10 days after the other guys, not really that fast.
        Definition updates should be updated regularly. Since the A/V part is in development with Bitdefender I would think this, because their A/V gets updated everyday with definitions.


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          Hi all,

          Just a heads up. and a quick teaser.

          Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2012 Beta 2.0 is ready!
          Should be available Very soon! :wink:

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            BETA 2 out now on major geeks