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Smart Defrag Pro ( is available!

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  • Smart Defrag Pro ( is available!

    Smart Defrag Pro 3.0 ( is available.

    From HOME (defragsetup-pro.exe size: 7257 KB) Setup File version:
    Application File: SmartDefrag.exe (3543 KB) Application File version:

    Extras for Pro:
    + Fast Smart defrag
    + Registry files defrag
    + Size remembering for the columns

    What's new in Smart Defrag: V3.0 Pro
    + New Disk Defrag Engine - With the new disk defrag engine, the defragmentation is 100% secure and the disk optimization ability is much more powerful.
    + New Intelligent Prioritize Files Function - Prioritize files intelligently and defragment fragments drastically.
    + New Metro Style UI - New defragmenting map and improved function to enlarge and narrow interface.
    + Supports Win 8/ 8.1 Metro Apps Defrag - Fully supports the defragmentation of Windows 8/8.1 Metro Apps for faster access and smoother running experience.
    + Enhanced Logs - Automatically save logs for Defrag and Analyze.
    + Memory and System Resources - Reduced Smart Defrag's usage of memory and system resources.
    + Defrag and Fast Optimize - Improved and accelerated Defrag and Fast Optimize.
    + Enhanced Stability - Enhanced the stability of Boot Time Defrag.
    + Windows 8/8.1- Fully supports Windows 8/8.1.
    + And More to Be Discovered by You.


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