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How to Remove Iobit Uninstaller???

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  • How to Remove Iobit Uninstaller???

    As per title.

    Simply.......HOW??? It doesn't show up anywhere. What a POS.

    A program that uninstalls other programs but cannot be removed for itself?

    Who created this P.O.S?

    Excuse my language, but this is all on purpose.....and I am fuming!!!

    And no, I did not install it myself; someone installed it for me earlier!

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    Firstly, there is no need and or excuse for your language. Please do not repeat it.
    Which version of Uninstaller are you using. As V5 lists it when it is launched and it will remove itself.
    Also, in Start/All Programs there is a Iobit Uninstall listed.
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      Adding to Scannan's comments, before blaming a program and using that kind of language be sure that it is not your system or the status of the PC which is the problem. Have a word with someone who installed the program.

      See the images.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	image_15234.jpg
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	IU5-Uninstall4.jpg
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