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Where are Restore point Stored?

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  • Where are Restore point Stored?

    When running Uninstaller it creates a Restore Point but I cannot find where these files are stored? Please advise.

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    Hi YancyD
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    Why do you want to find where the files are stored. System Restore is one of your best protections, and you should not interfere with the files.
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      Scannan. The reason we may want to know where the files are stored is our own business. If you can't answer the question just say so. No need to lecture us. I'll give you my reason. I don't want a lot of restore points saved so I want to see how many sessions of restore points are saved. I want to delete the older ones to conserve disk space. Thanks for any answer you can supply.


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        OK guys,

        The restore points are restored to System Volume Information folder which is the default folder for Windows System Restore.
        FYI, unless you change the properties, you can not access to restore points of Windows directly.
        You can Go to Restore option under Options ( On the right of Handbag shape) in IObit Uninstaller. You can create a Restore Point, restore from a Restore Point or delete a Restore Point there.
        You will be advised to keep the last Restore Point.


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          Thanks enoskype. This is what we wanted to know. I just deleted all restore points except the last one. IO will not let you delete the last restore point (great feature). Also, under IObit Uninstaller version, you access the restore points under "settings" (the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner). Click that, then click "Restore" and you can highlight the ones you want to delete and click "delete". Very nice system. Again Thanks enoskpe for the info. it was very helpful and needed.