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Efficiency in windows 10

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  • Efficiency in windows 10

    I want to ask: Whether will be the further development of this program for the latest versions of Windows?
    In Windows 10 program simply useless.
    1. Locking device driver without a digital signature. What brings the program to an end. Well, probably I would like to see the new interface, which is one of the features IObit.
    2. I could not even remove a specially created empty folder.
    P.s. Windows 10 build 14393.693

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    I too am interested if there is any further development of this program.

    These unlocktools dont seem to work as they used too since windows 7 64bit.

    Find it odd there is no response here.

    But its an annoying problem that noone seems to be able to solve: I mean to unlock empty folders and such


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      It is a pity of course.


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        Originally posted by Cicely View Post
        Hello Biins

        Welcome to our forum.

        Please download and install the latest Smart Defrag v5.5 from the link below to see if still any issue:

        If the problem is still there, please let me know and help us to look into the issue.

        To look into the issue, please download the tool from:

        Then double click to run this tool and click “Save report to Desktop”. You will get a zipped file on your desktop. Please send it to us so that we can get the detailed information to look into.


        I hope you find this helpful!



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          think the main mistake in an unsigned driver.
          Here a tool is not needed. I just don't want to disable driver signature checking every time.


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            The released version fixes all the problems.
            The topic is closed.
            • IObit Unlocker 1.1.2