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Efficiency in windows 10

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  • Efficiency in windows 10

    I want to ask: Whether will be the further development of this program for the latest versions of Windows?
    In Windows 10 program simply useless.
    1. Locking device driver without a digital signature. What brings the program to an end. Well, probably I would like to see the new interface, which is one of the features IObit.
    2. I could not even remove a specially created empty folder.
    P.s. Windows 10 build 14393.693

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    I too am interested if there is any further development of this program.

    These unlocktools dont seem to work as they used too since windows 7 64bit.

    Find it odd there is no response here.

    But its an annoying problem that noone seems to be able to solve: I mean to unlock empty folders and such