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How to export contacts from ManageMyMobile

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  • How to export contacts from ManageMyMobile

    How do you export contacts from ManageMyMobile (on a PC running Windows7) to a Motorola Moto X Pure? I've established a connection between the phone and the MMM app - but I don't see an export button in the Contacts tab (like there is in Music/Video) to export?


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    Hi moton33,

    Have you already enabled the USB debugging mode on your phone?

    If not yet, follow these steps:

    1. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps > Settings .

    2. From the System section, tap Developer options .

    If not available, tap About phone then tap Build number seven times to unhide the option then tap Back (located in the lower-left).

    3. Ensure the Developer options switch (located in the upper-right) is enabled .

    If presented with Allow development settings?, tap OK to confirm. From the Debugging section, tap USB debugging to enable or disable.
    Enabled when a check mark is present.

    4. If presented with Allow USB debugging?, tap OK to confirm.

    Hope this helps.