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Guidelines and Requirements for Reporting a False Positive.

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  • Guidelines and Requirements for Reporting a False Positive.

    Hello Everyone,

    Before reporting a false positive, please read the following guides and requirements:

    1) Before reporting a false positive, please save a scan log first and post it here.

    This will help us know the detailed information about the scan result.

    Scan Log Example:
    IObit Security 360
    OS: Windows XP
    Define Version:1234
    Time Elapsed:00:11:11
    Objects Scanned:66286
    Threats Found:1
    Example, File, C:\Progamfile\simple.exe, 11-1111

    2) Attach the suspicious files here.
    To ensure the sample was not cleaned/infected in transit, it is necessary to put all samples in password protected ZIP files.
    The password should be "infected".
    There may be an infection on your system, but we are unable to make a conclusive analysis without a sample being sent in this fashion.

    Note: Max filesize of **.zip files on IObit forums is 1024 KB.
    If the suspicious files you want upload is over the mark, please report False Positive to and send *.zip file as attachment.

    Our IObit Specialist Team will do further investigation and solve it ASAP.

    Best Regards.
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    OS:Windows XP
    Define Version:1265
    Time Elapsed:00:07:38
    Objects Scanned:69646
    Threats Found:73

    Spyware.MarketScore, Folder, C:\Program Files\OpinionSquare, 3-1159
    Spyware.MarketScore, File, C:\Program Files\OpinionSquare\chrome.manifest, 3-1159
    Spyware.MarketScore, Folder, C:\Program Files\OpinionSquare\components, 3-1159
    Spyware.MarketScore, File, C:\Program Files\OpinionSquare\install.rdf, 3-1159
    Spyware.MarketScore, File, C:\Program Files\OpinionSquare\opls.dll, 3-1159
    Spyware.MarketScore, File, C:\Program Files\OpinionSquare\opnsqr.exe, 3-1159
    Spyware.MarketScore, File, C:\Program Files\OpinionSquare\opoci.bin, 3-1159
    Spyware.MarketScore, File, C:\Program Files\OpinionSquare\opph.dll, 3-1159
    Spyware.MarketScore, File, C:\Program Files\OpinionSquare\opservice.exe, 3-1159
    Spyware.MarketScore, File, C:\Program Files\OpinionSquare\opxf.dll, 3-1159
    Spyware.MarketScore, File, C:\Program Files\OpinionSquare\components\opxg.dll, 3-1159
    Spyware.MarketScore, Registry Key, HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Ext\Stats\{2e4a92ab-f2c0-456a-9935-b715439790d7}, 5-3919
    Spyware.MarketScore, Registry Key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\Notify\OpinionSquare, 4-30098


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      Hi volka22,

      Please upload the file to VIRSUSTOTAL.

      Post the result and the link to the report.

      [b]IObit Support Team--[/b]


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        Upload and scan at VirusTotal

        Some users are unsure of how to upload and scan a file at VirusTotal so I thought I would post a basic explanation here.
        Please remember, your file may be stored in a different place so this general example is just the basics of what to do.
        And of course, SoftwareName and FileName are to be replaced with your specific Software and File name
        Hope it helps :smile:

        Go to VirusTotal
        • Click Browse
        • On the left of the window that opens click My Computer
        • Open (double click) (C:)
        • Open Program Files
        • Open the SoftwareName folder
        • Open any other folders necessary to get to the file
        • Double click FileName.exe (it may just say FileName in the window)
        The window will disappear and C:\Program Files\SoftwareName\FileName.exe will appear in the VirusTotal box.

        • Click Send File and wait (you may be in a queue)
        If it says File has already been analysed: then:
        • Click Reanalyse file now and wait
        • When the scan has finished, copy the address from the address bar to post here. It will look something like this:

        All the best, woz of oz
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          Thank you wozofoz,

          The link to your post has been added in False Positive Alerts about IObit Products by Security Programs in Usage of IObit Products thread.


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            Guidelines and Requirements for Reporting a False Positive

            Dear sir,
            The files are currently being checked and detection will be corrected if necessary.
            Well post an update on this once we have one.
            Thank you for the report Have a nice day


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              owner bsp,

              Are you a spammer?
              If not, what is your problem with the Forum?

              Have a great day.

              - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -