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KILL youporn !!!

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  • KILL youporn !!!

    Can anyone tell me about ''youporn'' ??? The darn thing showed up on my cell phone and I cannot get rid of it!!!

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    Hi Lynda,

    Welcome to our forum.

    Have you tried our AMC security from ?

    AMC security can help you remove potential threats, avoid sneak leak of your privacy and boost device performance to the top. You can try it to see whether it can help you get rid of it.

    Looking forward to your reply.
    IObit Support Team --
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      Dear Lynda,

      Can you please send information about your cell phone's system?

      Is there root privilege? Which applications have you installed before this problem?

      And if this problem only f.e in chrome browser or totally in every application?

      You can try deleting application that seems more "malicios" but if your system infected at all you should reinstall it at all.

      For Samsung smartphones use Kies, for Sony Xperia Companion.



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        What options have you tried to remove it? Regular app uninstall? Some sort of software? Usually, any anti-virus software on Android should help you clean up the issues. Additionally, check your application installs and maybe even browsers add-ons to see if there aren't any that could cause such problems. And as Iotop mentioned, additional information on your phone would help us clear the issue much faster.