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Problems with Iobit Malware fighter

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  • Problems with Iobit Malware fighter

    I download and play games using and other game co's. I have been having a terrible time trying to install the games. It seems each time I click to open the game my computer crashes to the Blue Screen of Death and then restarts.
    After much communication with Big Fish Games trying to find the problem. No solution was at hand from their end.
    I started unclicking programs that run on my computer and after much trial and error I found that "Iobit Malware Fighter" is the cause of the problem.
    Why, I don't know but it is the problem. How to fix it is the next question. I have reported what I found to Big Fish so they have an answer.
    So now I am reporting it to you. I called your help line and spoke to a nice fellow in India who at first did not believe me and after he controlled my computer he agreed. Something in malware fighter is causing the problem.
    I will leave it unconnected till I have heard from somebody at IObit that the problem is fixed...
    I hope somebody can make the fix. Thanx, Jerry..

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    Hi vegasjerry! Welcome to Iobit Forums!

    Please verify that you are using the newest version! It is here. If you don't have the newest version try updating it through the clean install procedure here and here. You may even want to try a clean install anyway even if you have the newest version.

    Live long and prosper!


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      Hi vegasjerry,

      Sorry about the inconvenience.

      Would you please provide the following information so that we can look into the issue?

      1. What is the version of your Iobit Malware fighter? If it's not the latest V1.3, please download it from the following link and install it to see how it works.

      2. If you still have this BSOD with the latest version installed, please move the Driver folder (C:\Program Files\IObit\IObit Malware Fighter)to your computer desktop to see how it works.

      3. Please check whether there is Minidump folder under C:\Windows? If so, please send it to us.

      Thank you very much.
      IObit Support Team --
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