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  • anti-virus

    I'm running panda cloud, IOBIT malware fighter and McAfee AV with no apparent problems, is that bad? I have many disc and registry-optimization programs similar to IOBIT ASC 4.4 and employ them constantly and I believe my pc's in good health and have had no infections in over 7 months now when I used to get viruses constantly as I visit 20 porn sites daily. I know, I'm bad.

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    Why not just use sandboxie free? Multiple optimizers? I bet you reformat a lot..


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      Captainron is correct. Over using registry applications will cause you problems! Keeping your system clean is a much better alternative for speed. Sandboxie will stop you from getting infection into your OS.

      If you can work so hard (LOL) at viewing the content you want... then perhaps you could work softly at some proper protection! (LOL)

      A strong fire wall such as Comodo will help! (it is annoying though)

      Live long (LOL) and prosper!


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        Choose between Mcafee or Panda Cloud. Panda Cloud is designed to be a standalone AV, despite being a cloud-based product. Prevx/Webroot SecureAnywhere is designed to be both, while Immunet is meant to be used alongside another AV.

        Mcafee has fallen in detection so I recommend PCAV, but it really is up to you. I also recommend downloading Malwarebytes (Free version) and run a scan every now and then.