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Unable to uninstall Smart Defrag 4

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  • Unable to uninstall Smart Defrag 4

    I am not able to uninstall Smart Defrag 4. I tried through the Uninstall feature on Windows and through Apps, nothing works! I did e-mail Iobit and they suggested deleting all Smart Defrag files, but this won't uninstall it will it? Please can someone help, this is driving me mad. If I install Iobit Uninstaller, will this uninstall Smart Defrag for me? Any help appreciated, many thanks.

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    Hi littlewren
    Welcome to the Forum.
    Yes, Iobit Uninstaller will most likely remove Smart Derfrag for you. Be sure to also run the built in Powerful Scan which will remove any program remnants.
    When you are downloading and installing Iobit Uninstaller be sure to read the screens carefully as you may inadvertantly download and or install other programs.
    To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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      Thank you very much Scannan, will do :)