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    Okay this made me mad, when I do a system recovery it put junk on my computer I am running on Windows Vista Home Premium.

    Now I have to completely clean out my computer and I need deep cleaning tools now and before I did the System Recovery my cpu was running pretty good except my processor is weak 1.80ghz I'm getting AMD Phenom 2.6 though.

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    soooo... your point is? just clean it... doesnt take too long
    Tools I use: CCleaner, Quicksys Registry Cleaner, and of course, Advanced SystemCare 3 PRO(with Smart Defrag)!
    Security Programs: Avira Premium Security Suite, Spybot Search and Destroy, Spyware Blaster, and Comodo Internet Security(no antivirus).


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      Originally posted by IcyFrostPyro View Post
      soooo... your point is? just clean it... doesnt take too long
      I had a disc with System Recovery and it had full system recovery, so I thought when I press F10 it would do the same, but it just put junk on my PC. Windows installer doesn't even work -_-


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        PC is also recovering previously deleted junk, that always happened with all win.ver.

        Normally, all you have to do is: get rid of that old & getting corrupted with unwilling to go away deleted files and, buy/install yourself a new one + reinstalling your O.S. with all the newest updates/upgrades via your own internet connection. But, I will rather say: "Buy that newer Phenom 2.6Ghz. E.S. System and enjoy its much easier to update features and utility apps."