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Totally Impressed with Changes at the hospital / doctors clinic

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  • Totally Impressed with Changes at the hospital / doctors clinic

    I was totally impressed with the changes at our doctor's hospital / clinic today. My aunt has been going for treatment and I am just in awe how everything is automated now. I hope this has good implications actual healthcare and treatment such as fighting cancer. For our family, specifically, both my grandparents, parents and my aunt have/had various kinds of cancer. Other relatives probably do too, but we've not been updated on their health. I really hope this means good things about healthcare. Has anyone noticed huge advances in healthcare and medicine?

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    There should be no question when it comes to medical advancement unless you are in a technologically challenged place. Automation in the field of medicine is nothing new but when I guess software being used that involve certain information is not being openly talked about unless you are in the same field.


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      I realize that the article is old, but without doubt, in this last year in my country, I just saw how they start to implement software to detect diseases. It is also so that there are many other functions, as they calculate doses of medicines, an example of this is the metronidazole that now has better chances of being administered, and this is not the only case, is the same with penicillin.


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        It actually depends on where you live. There are still some countries where technology is not really updated compared to US, Japan and other leading countries. I would definitely expect that US will be ahead as always.