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  • Hi Old friends!

    Wow! The forum has really changed sense my last visit. Just want to wish some old friends a Happy and Prosperous new year. I have been blessed and I'm very thankful. I'm looking forward to 2017. Want to give a special hello to a very old and special fiend enoskype

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    Hello. I thought i would see what's going on here at IObit. Where has the time gone. I got old really fast. Still remember the good old days and the good times I had here.
    Any way life is good to me. My wife signed a lease for 3 years. Unbelievable 200,000 $. Will pay some big taxes nest year. We live in a retirement village where I help seniors with their printers and computers.Didn't see many of my old friends here.@enoskype Hope everyone is doing well.


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      Hi donetao, this is great forum for good chat and knowledgeable stuff. We welcome you to this forum and I'm also a new user out there. So, feel free to ask any problem with the help of threads on this forum.


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        Hello Wise Gentleman. I'm a old member here. I once was a VIP Expert here. I abused my privileges and paid the price. I just come back here on occasions and tell my friends hello.
        I really know very little about IObit products. I could help with the new W10 operating system. I have very good knowledge about W10, but don't see anyone having problems with W10.
        Thanks for your reply.
        PS I spent many good times here on this forum. A lot of water has gone under the bridge, and I doubt if I could be that much help these days.I'm not having any problems with the free windows 10 upgrade. IObit was my first forum to join.


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          Hi! Well another year has gone by. It sure went fast. Thought I'd drop by for my yearly visit. Will look around a little and then go back to another forum, where I help members with W10 problems. I wish you all the very best. garybear!


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            Nice to hear from you donetao! :)