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  • Question about ransomware

    Hello! I have problem with Nemesis aka Cry9 ransomware. And I don't know what to do because I'm on crossroad. In one hand I need my data ( a loooot of photos) and I have money to pay hackers but in the other hand I don't want to pay hackers because I think that it is bad to promote them and it is some sort of crime.
    So I want to ask you if it is possible that in some time this ransomware will be decrypted???
    ps. I've tried a lot of methods from google in order to recover my files but none of them helped :(
    New spin-off of Cry9 applies deadly combination of ciphers, block personal data Nemesis or Cry9 ransomware is still evolving. The IT security has cracked its older versions, including the encryption component. Therefore, the users could claim and get a sufficient recovery help in most of the cases. The plague was about to vanish. Unfortunately, the …

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    The folks at Emsisoft have come up with a number of decrypters. This one may be of some help.



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      Hello Valerian. Welcome to iobit forums!

      Is there any success with atailor1 method??

      If you have backups your best solution is to restore to previous build that was not infected with ransomware.