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  • Status for whatsapp and facebook

    I apologize if it is not the correct section for this post. First of all say that I like iobit products. But this post is something off topic to release our stress and share our thoughts with all the friends of the community.
    I am multilanguage, I speak Spanish and English and therefore, I have noticed that English people do not talk much about this subject which is very funny. This time I want to talk about the states that are shared in the profile of social networks like whatsapp and instagram and even facebook. They can be of love, friendship, motivation or gratitude. Which I like a lot. I would like each of us to share their sentences to raise the motivation to the maximum for the members of community. Normally I read, status for
    facebook because it is my social network where I have more friends, and many times they ask me where I get the phrases from.

    Here I leave them and I hope yours:

    Men else unable to think for themselves, do not think at all"
    Life is very simple, but we insist on making it difficult."
    I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and if you leave me, I will always love you, my heart"
    I never fear for nothing, but to you that I love you so much, I tremble with every glance. "

    Thank you for reading.