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    sunny, I don't have an answer to that, the only thing comes to my mind is if your internet connection is not optimized (I don't mean simple optimization done by ASC, as in some cases it doesn't change the values because of the adapter, router, etc.), and IE8 is more opt to optimization than IE7.
    This is a wild guess though.

    Seeing your results from for SG TCP/IP Analyzer will help to decide if it is optimized. =>Broadband=>Broadband Tools=>Click SG TCP/IP Analyzer

    Copy and paste the below in the opened page, into your post:

    Share Your Results

    Note: Click in text area to highlight. You can use CTRL+C to copy results in the box to clipboard, CTRL+V to paste them here.


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      Ok, enoskype
      My screenshot beside yours in post #8
      Your Menu line had white background to the text, mine hasn't and mine is set to XP appearance.

      Originally posted by enoskype View Post
      sunny, this time, when installing IE8, I have not accepted the offers of any kind, including the so called accelerators. This seems weird, as the result should have been the opposite.
      I have never liked forward caching in internet pages, as I think it is unvolunteerely giving information to the links in that first page.
      In my case, there is a considerable speed difference between RC1 and Final. (Even the IE8.0.7000 in Windows7 is slower than the final release. One, still can not install the Final IE8 to Windows7, but there is a version available for Vista.)

      Ted, yes, the name and the size of the IE8 setup file is as in post #8.

      solbjerg, I don't know what the difference you mean in the menu, but my appearence in Display properties is XP Style, and it has always been like that. On the other hand, could it be that, I am using Classic view in Start menu options and it is because of that? What should be the color anyway? Can you give a screenshot of the same type with your preferences?

      EDIT: Although properties of display was XP style, changing it and rechanging it to XP style corrected the menu line white background issue.
      Thank you solbjerg.
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        first of all it shows my O/S as XP when its vista but here the result.

        « TCP Analyzer Results »
        Tested on: 03.20.2009 17:11
        IP address: 84.9.xx.xx
        Client OS: Windows XP

        TCP options string: 020405ac0103030201010402
        MSS: 1452
        MTU: 1492
        TCP Window: 66792 (multiple of MSS)
        RWIN Scaling: 2 bits (2^2=4)
        Unscaled RWIN : 16698
        Recommended RWINs: 63888, 127776, 255552, 511104, 1022208
        BDP limit (200ms): 2672kbps (334KBytes/s)
        BDP limit (500ms): 1069kbps (134KBytes/s)
        MTU Discovery: ON
        TTL: 50
        Timestamps: OFF
        SACKs: ON
        IP ToS: 00000000 (0)

        these figure do not mean much to me can you advise please


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          Ted, yes, the name and the size of the IE8 setup file is as in post #8.
          Thanks, enoskype.
          After getting this message I reboot and it starts the installer again saying it's uninstalling an old version, then installing Updates, then it starts installing IE8. After a few seconds Windows opens and IE8 RC 1 is not updated.
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            Ted, please correct me if I am wrong, but are you trying to install IE8 on top of IE8 RC1? If so, please uninstall IE8 RC1 first, and then install IE8 Final.


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              If you are connected to the internet with PPPoE, which I believe you are, your MTU value is ideal. Therefore, your MSS value is ideal too.(It is MTU minus 30 which is correct)

              Although your TCP Window (TCP receive window)(RWIN) value of 66792 is a multiple of your MSS value (which is a must for good connection), it is ideal that it should also be multiples of 44.

              If you know or learn your maximum allowed download speed from your ISP, then it is a factor to decide which RWIN value is best for you.

              Generally RWIN value <-> Connection Speed corrolation for PPPoE is like below:

              63888 (up to 2 Mbit lines, depending on latency. MSS * 44 * 2º)
              127776 (1-5 Mbit lines, depending on latency. MSS * 44 * 2¹)
              255552 (2-14 Mbit lines, depending on latency. MSS * 44 * 2²)
              511104 (8-30 Mbit lines, depending on latency. MSS * 44 * 2³)
              1022208 (25-60 Mbit lines depending on latency. MSS * 44 * 2 to the power of 4 )

              Your TTL value could be better. Ideally it should be 64 for lower connection speeds, and 128 for higher connection speeds.

              The rest is OK.

              The problem with Vista is, under certain configurations, it will not permit to change the values.

              After deciding which is your maximum permissible connection speed, try to change the value of RWIN and TTL with respect to connection speed, in the utility of FirefoxTCP Optimization in Utilities of ASC.
              You have to restart your PC after changes, and check again in if they are changed.

              If it doesn't work, I will try to change the RWIN by another program or from registry.

              If you look at this thread, we have done the procedure with garybear and Matt there for different connection types and speeds. Another trial in the IObit forum is here .

              Please ask if you have any questions.


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                Hi, enoskype,

                Yes, I was trying to install over the top. All set now, although I did strike one snag: The installer kept asking for ieencode.dll.000 which wasn't to be found on my PC, but fortunately I had a copy on my USB backup HDD. (Thanks to Macrium). Many thanks for that very helpful suggestion.


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                  Ted, great to hear that the prolem is solved.

                  Just for your information if anybody else does come across the same problem without a backup.
                  ieencode.dll issuee may be solved by uninstalling the update from:
                  for compatability issues. (KB961813 here for XP).


                  - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -


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                    enoskype thanks i will look at this.


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                      Hi, enoskype,

                      Thanks for that tip.

                      I haven't noticed any speed increase with IE8's Final Build. It was a bit sluggish for a start, but is improving. The only addon I have enabled at the moment is Shockwave Flash Object and I haven't insrtalled IE7 Pro. Shouldn't need it now, eh?

                      I have IE8 opening to a Blank Page. It only takes about two seconds for IE8 to launch, but then it takes another three seconds to connect to the Blank Page. Not bad.


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                        IE8 and Norton Phising prtotection

                        IE8 keeps turning off norton phising protection when you open fresh web pages.

                        solution contact the free norton free support chat online and they give a free upgrade to the latest protection till the end of your licence. In my case it was to norton 360 version 3.


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                          Can I import my own filter in IE 7 Pro? And how?

                          IE 7 Pro is a great utility for Internet Explorer and it's compatible with IE8.

                          Please help!


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                            Narxis-Have a look at this thread,post #28 by Enoskype in particular.He has considerable experience with IE8 from Betas foward,and will be very helpful should you have further questions.You may also want to take a look at this .
                            Great day and God bless horsepower & Mark Martin


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                              IE7pro is having problems blocking vibreantmedia green text blockups on IE8.
                              I think its to do with microsoft Gaze advertising in IE8 final build.

                              The new IE7pro for IE8 is not ready yet and will be called IEpro


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                                IE 8:urlmon.dll error


                                Recently I have installed IE 8 and found that it crashes when I go to some particular web sites that worked fine before.
                                The error is urlmon.dll
                                In some other forum I read its due to corrupt Registry.
                                I have ASC (Pro). But running ASC does not solve this problem.
                                Any suggestion ?