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Latest Version of ASC update error and...

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  • Latest Version of ASC update error and...

    Dear IObit team:

    Here's a listing of what I noticed in the most recent release of your Free ASC product:
    • The ASC desktop version keeps looking for a non-existent disk and refuses to proceed until it is found.
    • The Portable version of ASC appears to be an earlier version of ASC and installs a component of ASC into the Taskbar and won't allow the USB stick or drive upon which the portable version exists to dismount or be unmounted or ejected.
    • Both the desktop version and the Portable version of ASC carry a portable version of Security 360!!

    Although I really like IObit products the recent flaws are puzzling as they appear contrary to the very efficient engineering approach your company obviously uses.

    The result of these errors or inexplicable behaviors is that I cannot utilize either the desktop or portable version of your software until it becomes clear which product is intended for what environment.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Hi aguilarojo,

    I hope you are using ASC 3.41.
    • I have not encountered such a glitch for myself or in the Forum. Please supply us with a screenshot of the ASC at that moment.
    • There is a small utility made by one of our forum users HERE , although it is created for Smart Defrag, which may be of use to that problem of unmounting.
    • What do you mean that both of the ASC versions carry portable version of Security 360. Please elaborate it a bit.
    Also please elaborate the sentence: "until it becomes clear which product is intended for what environment."


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