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Spying and Tracking you on the Internet 2

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  • Spying and Tracking you on the Internet 2

    you have a right not to be tracked,or spied on!
    i have come to see the terrible incessant way its done
    i shall for the ones interested write up this post try to x plane how you can help your self!

    its a long post.and you need to take your time.
    its for you benefit that i decided to take time out and it may possibly help you understand .?

    first lets talk about how.and what is used.
    thank you

    Web advertisers are increasingly using surreptitious methods ("spyware", "web banners", "web bugs", and "cookies") to identify and track individuals on the Internet without the knowledge and consent of the individuals involved. The purpose is to build a database (a dossier) on web surfers and to use that information for their commercial purposes, including marketing both online and using direct mail.

    for some The Internet has become a gold mine to be exploited
    your personal information is the coin of trade for the profit of others. In their pursuit of their profit, some vendors have taken the position, that not only are your browser viewing habit.
    Some vendors believe that they have the right to track you and your use of your computer for their commercial purposes

    on the other hand, do not tell you that they have inserted "spyware" on your system or are tracking your web surfing habits, preferring instead to obtain the information they want about you, secretly and without your consent.

    information . is justified by the industry as simply a means to "enhance your browsing experience" through the creation of such "online profiling." However, it is clear that such fine words are a rather poor, attempt to justify being peeping Toms.
    They are really saying that by being peeping Toms, they can "target" you with "better" advertisements; ads that might make your more likely to purchase what they are selling.

    Yes, . it’s all about making money off of you.

    yes you heard it all before.and think so what.ok if you the reader feel this way ,this is not for you.

    i will again x plane what you can do about it. by using software,like iobit.
    and pc blocking methods..
    for the ones who do care about there privacy..

    How they spy on you

    There are several ways that advertising companies (and they are the one driving this phenomena) invade your privacy and get information about you. In combination or separately, use techniques involving

    "cookies", "web banners", "web bugs", "pop ups"

    plus, spy ware that you have (perhaps unknowingly) installed on your computer that sends information to them behind your back.
    let talk about .
    Cookies and JavaScript Tags

    "cookie" is a file that the web browser stores on your computer, at the direction of the web server, which contains information about the visit to a web site.

    "JavaScript Tag" is an embedded program in a web page that is used to track your internet browsing practices.

    i have used 1 xsample of a site that are honest as to what thy do.
    and let you decide one way or the other.
    but not all and most will not ..tell you.

    part 1
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    Part 2


    many user now block cookies instead inserts a JavaScript Tag (a small JavaScript program) into subscribing companies web pages that
    "When a visitor downloads a page from the site, the JavaScript initiates an interaction between the visitor's browser and SiteWise. The JavaScript code collects data about the visitor's browser and activity and transmits it to an analysis engine. The analysis engine aggregates the data with that of all other visitors to the site, stores it, and makes it available in reports that can be viewed and downloaded

    Web Banners

    A "web banner" is the advertisement that the advertiser displays on your screen. It’s the pitch for products and services that you see at the top, the sides, and the bottom of commercial web pages. If you click on them, you will be sent to the web site offering the goods of services being advertised.

    So what is the problem with this? Whether or not you click on the banner, a cookie is read and written on your hard drive telling the advertiser that you viewed a particular banner ad on a particular web site. How this works is that the web banner is not part of the page you are downloading. It is an off page link to another website (the advertiser’s) that records the fact that your web browser saw the web banner ad and from which website you linked from. An example of Information that can be recorded follows:

    Accept: image/gif, image/x-xbitmap, image/jpeg, image/pjpeg, application/x-shockwave-flash, application/, application/msword, */*

    Accept-Language: en-us

    Connection: Keep-Alive


    Referer: @@@://

    User-Agent: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 6.0; Windows NT 5.1)

    Content-Length: 31

    Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

    (sample from grc site..)

    The "Referer:" information tells the server the source of the link to it. Advertisers using web banners use the "Referer:" data to tell the EXACTLY where you were reading the web banner from.

    the fact that you view the web page containing a web banner ad causes the stored cookie (that the web banner company put on your machine the last time, also known as a "third party cookie") to be transmitted to the advertiser.

    What most people do not know that information A web server can get access to any and all information that you entered in a form for that particular browser session.

    Information that you enter in a web browser form is stored as "value" in memory associated with that browser’s session and remains available to the browser session until you close it. Any subsequent web page you view (those with web banners, for example) could cause the server behind it to query and upload those variables to that web banner company, providing them with personally identifiable data. The "third party" cookie or JavaScript Tag used then provides a marker that follows you where ever go on the web.

    Web Bugs

    A "web bug" is a variation of the web banner described above. However, instead of a visible banner ad, a web bug is a graphic that is usually only 1 pixel in size, and hence essentially invisible. In other words, its only purpose is to track your visit to the page, not to pitch a product or service to you. Other than this, they operate exactly like the web banner advertisement and a visit to a web page with a web bug results in a cookie being placed or read on your machine and an update to the advertiser’s database.

    Pop Ups"

    Pop up or "Pop under" ads are very popular today. There are hardly any commercial news or entertainment web sites that do not use them. They either appear on top of what you are reading, or underneath it to be visible when you close the web page you were reading.

    Pop up ads do EVERYTHING that the web banners do. They plant cookies, they transmit your IP address and goodness knows what else to the advertiser, and they carry one more annoying feature: You must deliberately, manually close them. Advertisers love them because they are "in your face." This is why they are almost universally despised by the rest of us.

    Pop up ads are most commonly launched through the use of JavaScript programs embedded on the web pages you visit. JavaScript is a programming language that can enhance a web site visually as well as programmatically. "Dynamic HTML" is a useful tool that can be used to highlight words or paragraphs, transform images, and make a website much more dynamic and dramatic.

    Mouse trapping" and other dirty tricks

    JavaScript is so powerful that it can literally change how your web browser operates. Through Javascript, a programmer can link ads together or create an overwhelming cascade of ads appearing either one right after another, or in a near simultaneous burst of opening pages that can overwhelm your computer to the point of system crash.

    But they other thing they can do is prevent you from escaping their clutches by turning off the "back" button, or reprogram it into a "launch more junk" button. This is called "mouse trapping." It is an attempt to prevent your leaving their web page


    "Spyware" are programs that you have installed on your computer that sends information about your computer to Internet servers in a, invisible background session. The authors of these programs refer to them as "adware," and claim that the are only used to control the display of advertisements on your monitor. Almost always, spyware is installed as part of the installation of a program or software package. Some times, the End User License Agreement (EULA) has a sentence buried deep inside somewhere telling you that data may be sent in the background to an outside Internet server. But most of the time, there is not a notice in the EULA, and the user has no knowledge that he is running a program that is sending information to a server somewhere, to be used for purposes unknown to him.

    Many times, this spyware is installed such that it is started when you start your computer. And often, this software has conflicts with the operating system, causing system crashes. Clearly, running a hidden program that transmits data to others without your knowledge

    Finally, some spyware programs make changes to the operation of your computer. Some imbed themselves very deeply in the operating system by replacing operating system programs with their own versions. Some reset the defaults of Internet Explorer and override your home page setting to one point to their web site or change the search engine to insure that their customers get preference when you search the web.

    Some imbed themselves deeply in the registry and automatically reinstall themselves if you uninstall the software or reset your default home page back to where they want it, after you manually set it. Some disable security controls to make future manipulation of your browser easier for their customer's web sites.

    thank you for reading.
    hope this is informative.

    next part 3 what can we do?
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      Part 3

      MANY soft ware vender companies have distributed spyware,links,auto updating,adding to your Browser.SEARCH en gens.such as Google Yahoo.ASK com.that are imbeded into freeware, shareware, or purchases/licensed products. Be advised its growing as this practice spreads.and unknowingly added to your systems. all in the name of better computing!
      the new practice , your task bar (toolbar)now infected by auto linkings.update checking.redirecting.and so on..all hidden ,and mostly unknown by you.
      you have the right to stop it.the almost instand links made at boot up.most unbeknown to you!


      Viral (virus)is a technique to infect your machine into becoming a ad server. The functional effect is very much like that of sypware installed on your machine. The way it is installed, however, differs from spyware that you install that is piggy-backed as part of another program.

      Like the name implies, you machine becomes infected when you visit certain websites. Windows machines can run programs that utilize a language called "ActiveX." ActiveX, unlike JavaScript (which affects only web browser operation) can install programs on your computer.

      Windows Update, the technique that Microsoft uses to automatically install patches on your operating system and other Microsoft products, uses ActiveX to install new versions of the update program on your computer.
      This is misused by Alot by (??????) that believe that YOUR computer is also THEIR computer
      ActiveX is only one such way that programs (called "malware") can be installed without your knowledge. It is sufficient to know and understand that people ARE trying to use YOUR computer to consume YOUR time to pitch THEIR products.and link.

      What do we do about it?
      who gives them the right to spy on YOU, record web surfing habits and invade privacy?

      How to stop cookies

      First of all, do not allow them to be recorded on your system. simply put ,BLOCK them
      Most browsers have controls that can be used to stop the recording of cookies. If you are using a browser that does not allow you to stop cookies, dump it and get one that does. delete your cookie files.and most browsers will allow the web server to READ existing cookies. Therefore, to prevent information contained in the cookies from being transmitted to the server asking for the information, do not leave them on disk in the first place.clean them up.
      some web sites will not allow you to enter or navigate the site unless you allow cookies. These sites will give you some kind of error message telling you to turn cookies back on. If you neither need nor desire the information contained at that web site, move on. On the other hand, if you need to use the web site, then certain browsers allow you to create cookies in memory that are valid for the duration of the life of the web browser task. The remote server thinks that a cookie is being saved, but it will be thrown away the moment you end the browser task.close it.
      Alternatively, most web browsers allow you to categorize web sites in terms of trust or danger. In other words, , you can consider sites as "trusted" and allow cookies to be kept and read. That way, you can shut off cookies for all but the trusted sites, and retain the cookie functionality for a select few.
      browsers have the capability to prevent advertiser cookies (also known as "third party cookies") from being stored on your system, while allowing the web site’s cookies to be processed separately.
      obtain "cookie management" software. software that blocks cookies, allows you to edit them, and/or allows you to delete them.

      Disabling cookies is the first line of defense.

      How to stop Web Banners, Web Bugs, and Pop Ups
      There are several ways to stop web banners and bugs and pop ups from spying on you
      obtain banner blocking software, you can misdirect the attempt to connect to the web advertiser’s server, upgrade to a mail client that strips such embedded graphics out and shows as separate images.

      Banner blocking software works by intercepting the web browser’s attempt to display the banner ad or the web bug, and discarding it. Hence, the banner is never displayed because the advertiser web site is never reached. In addition, the advertiser web site never gets to write a cookie on your hard drive and never updates its database to reflect your visit to the web page where the banner ad was. Hence, the attempt at online profiling gets defeated.
      Pop up ads are similarly intercepted though advertisers work hard to prevent their ads from being intercepted by using Macromedia’s Shockwave and Flash products.

      Another way ,the advertiser’s plans is to redirect the request to connect to the web advertiser’s server and record your visit to the web page
      trick the browser to go to an invalid server IP address, instead of the address of the web advertiser’s server. Use of this techniques that you have a certain level of understanding on how TCP/IP (the communications protocol of the Internet) works and how to edit system files. If you do not have this knowledge, purchase a good banner blocker or internet security package instead.

      You can fool the web browser into trying to connect to the advertiser by telling it to look on your local host address by manually editing a file called the "hosts" file. This file tells system to use the local host address instead of the real IP address. Before your computer requests a DNS server to translate the long form, it will search this "hosts" file first. All you have to do is include an entry for the machine names commonly used by the banner advertising site and point it to the local loop address and you achieve the same result as using an ad blocker.

      For example, the following two entries will cause any web page containing a banner page from DoubleClick ,presentation of A advertisement as well as preventing a cookie read/write and profiling database update:

      modify your "hosts" file.
      the above techniques, banner ad blockers or using the hosts file, will put a major dent, in the ability of the web advertisers to collect profiling data. However, unless you are proficient with TCP/IP, I recommend you acquire a web banner blocker .
      How to stop the "Read Receipt" services from knowing if you’ve read an email

      one way to certainly defeat web bugs put in to determine if you have read a message is to use the hosts file to block the communication between your machine and the tracking server, or to upgrade to an email client that can suppress the automatic execution of the web in HTML formatted email messages.
      An example of such a hosts file entry is:
      Pre processing email – used to check for spam, mostly – is another way to determine if email in your inbox might be an HTML formatted message that might have a web bug embedded. An example of a useful email preprocessor is mailwasher type app. program
      How to deal with "mouse traps"
      The best way to avoid being "mouse trapped" and/or cascading page launches is to avoid the sites most likely to use them. These sites are typically "copycat" web sites, that have a URL that is just slightly different from a real web site so that a common spelling error of incorrect use of a domain identifier, will send you to a bogus web site that launches the mouse trapped/cascading pages. example such is mistakenly typing .

      Pornography web sites are notorious for doing such dirty tricks as mouse trapping and cascading page launches using JavaScript.
      Using banner/Pop up blocking software is a very good way to prevent loss of control of your web browser. The one thing that JavaScript cannot do is prevent you from closing the web browser. If you have pop up blocking, you can kill a "mouse trapped" web browser session by clicking on the "x" or close icon and "terminating" the session "with prejudice."
      Another way to deal with pop up ads emanating from sites you use often, but don’t want to put up with their advertising nonsense, is to place the web site in a "restricted use" list provided by your web browser. A restricted use list is configured in most browsers to prevent the execution of ActiveX, VBS (another programming language for web browsers) and JavaScript programs embedded in the web page. Internet Explorer version 7-8 has a "Restricted Sites" tab that can be found under the "Tools" command bar item, with "Internet Options" drop down menu item. consider configuring your browser to either prompt you, when an ActiveX program is about to be run or to block all them entirely.

      How to choke off spyware, "viral marketers" and malware
      There is only one thing to do here. Track down the spyware programs and delete them. There are a number of free programs you can acquire that will scan your system, identify programs modules and registry entries that correspond to known spyware, and then automatically delete them.
      But equally important is preventing the spyware from contacting their Internet servers in the first place. In many aspects, spyware acts like a "Trojan horse" virus. Like a Trojan horse, the spyware program attempts to connect with its Internet server. Usually they are used to control the display of advertisements, but they also upload information about you, your computer, and maybe even what files you have on your system. A credible claim can be made that the only difference between a Trojan horse virus and a spyware program is how the collector intends to use the information.
      However, if the spyware is deleted, the specific software you have that is infected with the spyware, may no longer work properly. This may not be what you want to do.

      Therefore, an alternate WAY, to complete removal may be to prevent the spyware program from "phoning home", instead. In that case, it may be necessary to install a firewall that will block it from doing that."
      A firewall, such as ??????? you decide.
      the front line in preventing unauthorized communication to a web advertiser’s server from a spyware program. These firewalls will present a pop-up message whenever an unauthorized application tries to make contact with a server on the Internet. The firewall user can prevent the application from ever contacting "home" with its load of data from your hard drive, and prevent it from being an "ad-server" and profiler.
      recommended that every internet user installs,firewall software one on every computer that access the Internet. unauthorized attempts blocked.. Not only does it keep out hackers and internet worms, but it prevents spyware from linking home.

      We can prevent these privacy invaders and spies from succeeding in tracking our movements and maintaining online profiles. We can do something about it. Remember:ITS YOUR PC. It’s YOUR data,It’s YOUR right to privacy.
      It’s YOUR right to stop them

      i have put this in a broad way so you understand the net.and the bad guys.not all are.and you may want to allow .adverts.cookies, Updates,links, and so on.but be your self.
      please consider some of the post to your benefit.

      next lets talk fire walls ,and blocking


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        a other opinion from this site.
        How you can become infected with spyware by …
        Downloading Files Online

        Spyware quickly begins its task of stealing your information (including credit card numbers, user names and passwords), directing your browser to suspect sites, changing or deleting your files, pummeling you with pop–ups and slowing your PC to a crawl.

        ok read here .yes i know its there fire wall but i am more thinking you get a
        understanding what happens.
        saves me a lot of explanations.

        broadband advice note

        I USE # 3 fire walls (software) and the routers.!
        but that's me.

        well there are many for you to pic from.from small to huge fire walls.
        you decide to your liking and what you feel works for you.
        and you think you heard it all before?
        sure you may of..but there are new things happening all the time..
        please spend a little time learning.
        just like all things in life.

        try .have fun,i joy the can be a wonderful thing.but it will at times be disappointing.and confusing .
        know what it is...

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          hi all so you have read this long winded post? and are here.
          Thank you .it shows you are a little concerned..

          ok .now .i want to ask you.
          have you backed up your system? have a image of your hard drive?
          no,,? please do this now..

          yes myself and others we are in the knowledge were can restore
          any disasters.


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            you may be interested to know i use 5 fire walls (router)
            3 ip blockers ,filter program,iobit,360.
            yes i am happy with it.and all i personally use and want..
            not interested in any other.

            ok nothing allowed bar my access the net.only 1 port used to be out and in bound.always use a proxy.never my own IP...
            no udp is allowed.(ports).no java,cookies,scrips,active X ,ping,mail,Icmp.DNS .
            no linking to any sites .any thing that tries is blocked!
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              well done

              itsmejjj well done now thats a post .useful important information well laid out eazy to read and understand...

              Yours Snoopy2010 , Stupid Guy Here ,3H48002Y4, Former Iobit user, and who ever else I am today or tommrow?

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                thank you its been hard work.and i think my best post yet.

                please ,any one can think of something i missed ad your comments.

                also vote what you think 1 out of 5 .
                this would mean a lot to me.i never have ask.and only this one time

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                  ok this is what fire wall do .looks, fearsome.but no thy all can
                  a combination.or just 1 .depending how you want it.. or if you think

                  or is non needed
                  not recommended.

                  what extremity is up to you..and how you block and its your business one else should be able to tell you different
                  talk you out of a fire wall .or convince you different.try to con you into a other one.
                  stick with what you are most happy with. take no notice of hipe. or stories.posts.or profiteers of fire walls.
                  take it all in yes .but remember its your system we are talking about.

                  a free version is as good or can be ,as a so called you pay..for one..

                  ok next
                  lets talk spy malaware stoppers
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                    ok listen and read this .please this is my way of running any new app.
                    nothing to do with iobit.or any one
                    itsmejjj way.

                    I try hard to x plane the way i install ---this apply s to any if or but.

                    ok yes .back up the system..(forget restore point its useless) make a image back is what i am talking about..

                    ok next your modem.pull out the fhone line..look to see the light go off..

                    ok now install.find the run,or exe file of the install,left click,run a administrator.

                    win or a warning should pop up .hit allow(run)

                    now here watch carefully..look at what it says.agreements.ok next any other pop windows should arrive.
                    as in options..

                    be aware.what gets tool bars.or changing your browser settings..
                    ok next.and so on..

                    ok your fire wall will now pop up some where along the install..and ask you this or that.
                    you answer block....
                    no if or but..WHY?

                    if the program is because it want to link to the net.ok we do not allow it.

                    sit and watch.normally, most will continue,if not.stiff get rid of it.its malaware,100%
                    no if or but...if it will not install ..with out the modem on

                    when done the application.and test it(NO MODEM ON) your fire wall should be still
                    and not ask any thing more about the program .bar perhaps to allow it..that is all

                    ok close the your browser.check if any thing has changed.
                    if you are sure all is well.ok reboot....

                    lets pretended its 360 you installed.ok run it.
                    please check the caps how and what you do. first time start.
                    do nothing els.for now..
                    i mean nothing ,
                    first read every thing about the app.
                    in the help files..
                    then try out the extras..

                    so now reboot.all should be running fine.YES?

                    ok plug in the modem.
                    tell your fire wall to allow it to the net..360.iobit

                    from here you can now go ahead and do your ,thing.update.register.

                    NO? well check why,if you cannot find it.uninstall..fully.
                    should be good,if not re image the drive..if something is fowled up.

                    try one more time the above..if you still have problems.ok tell the furum about your experience.
                    in a nice way .the mallaware fighters well help you .or our admins..

                    try to sort you out.and the possible problem.
                    mean time you are back as you were before the install.

                    thank you for reading this..

                    yes i know i still use this version!

                    note please look at the screen shots carefully.
                    you do this at the first time running of the application.
                    take particular note of the last screen.
                    if not sure leave it.and ask some one
                    (i entered (installed) this Trojan on purpose to demonstrate this app.)

                    yes i have many on a special cd

                    then reboot.if all is well then go ahead and do your thing..
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                      Most everyday users don't have the energy or effort to do this JJJ. You should be a millionaire, consulting and fixing for those with fat wallets!

                      Your friend,



                      • #12
                        i have been thinking about your statement .
                        effort: (little energy) and how to answer tactfully without sounding a smart know it all... people with fat wallets.
                        yes i think i understand what you say .but thy do not interest me.
                        if have no time for this type.

                        this is for the general user .who do not have that luxury..and want to make a little effort and i did and still now and then just take time out and study.

                        yes every thing in life ,not just using A pc.takes a little time and effort----

                        lazy people are what you read daily about.complaining.after all its to much effort --to read. help files. and most think whats this BS..or the smart ones think yes yes and get cranky and do not want to know.or bother .

                        how many time have i seen statements like
                        "no one is going to read a post like this .its to big! and it take effort."
                        and i bet its the case here as well ,but then its here for the ones that will
                        and do take a little time out and do some reading.

                        so just lets install blindly and hope it runs.

                        if it went wrong ,then make the Effort and suddenly have the extra energy
                        and the time to complain..

                        or get abusive because thy failed make a little read
                        the warnings or possible conflicts installing.then give the thumb down

                        most can be the first place and i mean most disasters can be fixed

                        by simple means as a back up image..take little do this.
                        because if a system is suddenly lost or fails it will then take a considerable Effort and energy to fix..

                        that is what this is about.

                        apply a little EFFORT .in learning.know how to protect one self.
                        understand a little how things work and happen.
                        no diploma is needed
                        just a little effort.and certainly just a tiny bit of energy

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                          why not just set your browser to delete cookies and temp files when it closes if your are worried.

                          ASC does a good job of cleaning up too.


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                            why not just set your browser to delete cookies and temp files when it closes if your are worried.

                            perhaps .my ask is why allow them in the first place?

                            no offense

                            but this is a other type statement.that is annoying to read in a thread like this.
                            you are missing the point of the post.we are talking not just cookies.?
                            how did or do you know this?
                            i bet you read up on this.and know now what you can do.but even something simple as this you be shocked to know ,many do not even know what it is.a COOKIE..

                            so why make the effort to post .that i carefully edited and try to make it simple as i know how.
                            6 days of work .because its for the new pc user.and the use of iobit applications .
                            you and i know.
                            but how many do not have that knowledge?

                            and why do admins make detailed posting on the installing .applying,and how things work.
                            like here.


                            some are time consuming ,taking many post.
                            so we can benefit..and learn .and i bet not many bother to read the posts made.or get into the first few lines then think what is all this? its all bs

                            but its there to read.

                            perhaps avoided problems.?

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                              Modem -

                              we all know why its used for.and what it is..

                              so i want to clarify a few pointers.many years ago we installed from a floppy and then such thing as The dreaded UPDATE..over modems.

                              but now all you will read OH you got to UPDATE you know!
                              why? would i have to (got TO update) yes now days its the in thing .UPDATE this and THAT ,install add to, for your good? WHAT GOOD ?
                              and not always the case.
                              after all you are told you can trust us.US who? and what? what is being installed would you know?and what is going out to the link?

                              and please do not say you do.or post you do

                              you do not know what is a installing of some sort.

                              only a description may be given.or a advert place on the site
                              and you
                              better hope its friendly...and not a new form of spy ware or malaware.

                              but you will not know what changes are going on .good or possibly bad..
                              risk you run.

                              so why this way of thinking.

                              i already posted if a install needs the modem.i ditch it .
                              that's it and i do not care what it is.if a program cant install and as now practiced.(by Many) link at install ,ditch it

                              and i do not care why or there explanation..its A malaware practice as far as i see it . and want no bar of this.
                              but lets say the install is successful ok that is a other story,and i have control of what flows out .the link only needs to verify ,numbers.of a program
                              nothing else and when done i block it.

                              and as for mail address i never give one to any one .

                              yes some apps make you put one in .to install .ok put one in.
                              something like

                              you have this right.and you also have the right to decide to let it go ahead
                              and send out what ever you want.but at least you know about it.and you cant blame any one but your self if suddenly your mail gets flooded with extra junk.

                              yes talk about paranoia. heard that word before.?
                              its there to poke fun at you or i,this has nothing to do with it.

                              its my pc.and my programs.i payed for them.or were given free apps
                              as in offering from the net.and i run it as i want not some one WHO the hell ever.

                              all i ask you be aware..and you decide not the net..
                              the rest is up to you ..or myself..


                              here is a point ,make one think..
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