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  • software.??
    Nice soft ware you may be searching for??
    then look here there could be some for you
    Mr Bean

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    a other interesting site...
    perhaps useful..??
    Mr Bean


    • #3 heard of it ? and what you opinion?

      reading up on the splashes of post that I searched for there seems some opinions and fear to the application calling it Just short of Mala-ware..
      and that's a pity to be honest..

      Mind this tho I am not silly and ignore it completely..and taking precaution by just using this on windows*8* preview..that runs out at the end of the year any how..

      so if this is so no matter as with the 12 , I already installed and testing..
      2 So far I am keeping... and its a interest ,to me glaceing at it to older MS the good and bad...then decide what to collect and keep adding to my many cds for future use ,and to the ones interested one day perhaps upload? or the ones after myself -could find a blessing..and the cds..
      as a nice gift... as you well some know my interest lays chiefly in privacy..
      and any application made that enhances this I am drawn to..
      this being the case with the one mentioned..
      even if the Freddy the gurus out there scream malaware..and no reflection on Freddy if that your name...just the gurus that scream "Flux me" get that of the system!
      as a point of interest if you find it So have a wonder over to the links and look around and of course the interested thing you desire and try out

      not being afraid as you are wise, and backed up the system to a back up file on the outside drive....just in my gifts you see a few I downloaded that grabbed my attention. and perhaps you as well?

      oh I forgot to say some are no more available in upgrading...and go to a dead end or averts that's scamming the links.. just be careful what you update or link to!

      adding comment in what I found ..

      well ,I can tell you this , works very well
      and what the fuss was No Idea...

      it certainly will do its job.. on *8* better than 7 (not recommended) win 8 seems to except it better.any thing trying to download change from the net you certainly get a pop up and giving one option..cleans out junk cookies extra.

      I am not suggesting at all install one may not like it but for myself
      its found a home on win8

      Mr Bean
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        EMCO Malware scanner

        EMCO Malware scanner?

        can any one tell me if it a decent application..or have Knowledge of it?
        installed on my system (try out) updated the definition files

        and cleared me..
        Mr Bean
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          Well, I can tell you that I never install Malware/spyware/antivirus software unless I am VERY familiar with it. It must be a well known name.
          Some of the stuff you never heard of will install what you want to get rid of.
          I wouldn't use it.


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            Aye masterblaster... if it ain't broke, don't fix it!!:mrgreen:

            Live long and prosper!


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              Originally posted by masterblaster View Post
              Well, I can tell you that I never install Malware/spyware/antivirus software unless I am VERY familiar with it. It must be a well known name.
              Some of the stuff you never heard of will install what you want to get rid of.
              I wouldn't use it.
              Thanks for your time

              yes understand what you say...but Io Bit (software)used to be new with many software,vendors..I first used it in Beta stage,as with most of us older users..
              trusting and hope it was the right thing to use
              even with all the fuss and oppositions,we hung in there.and now most of us were right..
              I am one of the people who like to discover new technology and combined it with old and Or new

              this looks and feels like a very good add on
              and perhaps could be very good
              I will keep it for a while and test it and see if its effective any how...
              just was hoping others may of already used it and assure me its OK.
              any how thank you again for your post

              hee.... if it ain't broke, don't fix it,

              yeh, but one should brake it now and then so one can fix it
              that's the fun in it...

              Mr Bean
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                Yeah, I've Enjoyed Breaking stuff since I was 2 years old. :lol:

                I think it's because I also Enjoy putting things Back together Again. :lol:
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                  Me too actually. That's the main reason I use Rollback RX. If I mess things up, I revert and fix what I messed up.


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                    Pity that some top name software Just fails for certain
                    OS or users,I remember when thy first hit the net
                    was all the rage at the time. And every one I knew then
                    insisted this was the best fire wall out and in the years to
                    come be the leading one, one thing like most now bloated
                    huge installs and some useless,I wonder where thy went the small
                    effective ones,just a few Megs installed and very powerful
                    instead of the stupid makes now out ,far to complex-ed.
                    And half the time can not be ones desired settings
                    the only one left that has no problem running Even on windows 8!
                    is look And Stop-2,6 best ever made(my opinion).very effective and blocks almost
                    every thing,warning to block or allow...simple soft ware
                    that has no problem with win fire wall, Or want to shut it down..
                    from Xp to win 8 .runs like a charm..Zone alarm was my favorite
                    till up to win Vista, Then it got far to huge and useless to complex-ed
                    and the logging to there where ever, that drives one silly..
                    the programs gotten that stupid thy all want to log to a given IP
                    or spends half the time blocking this..but one could allow it..
                    and hope for the best, no installing,OR allow installing,
                    updates,that who knows what that may be.
                    Its all supposed to be for your Good! Don't matter what you set
                    it will change your system,
                    do not misunderstand ,I do not have a problem with this,its up to the
                    owner,what She/He likes ,and newer software is always welcome
                    My Idea is a fire wall let it do its job,a ip blocker its job,a scanner its job
                    and So on..
                    and allow you to tweak them as you Want..
                    my fire wall a huge 1.7 meg
                    my ip blocker 4.1 meg
                    my filter application 5.1 meg huge ok but very powerful ,this will blocked any thing..from the net
                    filtering rubbish.(what One considers rubbish)
                    my cleaner 4 meg a extra not needed but useful.
                    that's it..
                    I use iobit software but thy are somewhat larger, totaled all up..
                    that I consider add on application,,
                    Useful Products..
                    but not blocking applications, in as needed. The first 3 Mentioned, do all that any how..
                    grand total 10 MEG and very powerful if tweaked and no conflicts..
                    Now let me stress this and be very clear on this
                    I would not be without iobit applications thy do there job very well
                    some times I forget to update a product because thy do it So well
                    thy come a long way ,and Just get better,
                    I posted this many times,but if thy fail? Then certainly tell them why..
                    and why,you all know by now I play with software.(test) and try out anything
                    that catches my old eyes..
                    Regards to all
                    Mr Bean


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                      Free Fixer

                      a nice gem look at the shots and decide ifs its handy for you.

                      this is very reviewing,of a system every thing is shown...

                      I post this find to the interpersonal.but warn the users be very careful how and what you do with wrong move and poof your system my not start...

                      install it do a scan after you read the intro,and just take a nothing else!
                      this is a terrific problem finder,and very useful a cleaver bit of programing..
                      and help solve problems IF any!
                      Mr Bean
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                        A simple small fire wall [Sterjo]

                        today I come across a simple small fire wall ok not perfect but free and seems to work Just installed it and seems to work tho yet to find out how good if at all effective, about 3 mg, yes nice size and the price will kill you very expensive but worth a look at?


                        please check it out you may be interested??
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                          now here are some samples of this program under testing

                          it will alert you to incoming out going. this works as its made to do

                          block ports.also some programs that connect to the net(BROWSER) AND OR PROGRAM
                          THAT WANTS TO USE THE INTERNET but "protocols" are not blocked, you need to manually add
                          that to your fire wall.(what ever its set to block)

                          is the main purpose of it.will not inter fear with other running fire walls or
                          THERE filters,it will do its own thing.As you program it to do..block Ips
                          and it will do that!

                          and some programs that want access to the net..You be given a warning asking .

                          similar to angry IP scanner,bar the added program, blocking.added to this program
                          would I replace it with a full fire wall? No.would I use it? yes seems to do as its made to do.

                          why I may want to use it?

                          you control the internet not the internet control you!

                          be aware tho its not a fire wall, like Look N stop or zone alarm.or the like,in that it blocks
                          protocols,windows will do that also.this is a pure ip block program and PROGRAM (SOME) blocker.

                          and it will do it as it made to do .stop the bad side from interning your PC.
                          what you consider Bad.

                          YOU NEED to know and learn what ports and ip to block.and or sites.BY THERE PORTS!
                          you will need to know every ports function.

                          its not programed by the fire wall maker,this be your Job and dision adding them.
                          the other thing it will ask you every start up to allow your browser and or filter program.
                          but not ask or block any protocols.that use the net.

                          this is not for any user the average user .who cares less what sent out or into his/her pc.

                          and you probably need to be protector to use it Like me!
                          or a silly blocker like me!
                          that's why the asking price.not many understand its usefulness.

                          Mr Bean
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                            may be the thing you were looking for.

                            READ What it can and cant Do ..Before you Use It Or even want It.
                            Mr Been


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                              repare your boot loader(ing)


                              I would like to suggest this to the ones who like experimenting with different OS as in windows and Linux ,please to find the file called Easy BCD (tool box)

                              if you read my Linux thread you see the post installing on a Pen drive. and the boot up has bean clanged to only boot from the Pen may not wish this to continue ? ok install the program Easy BCD and you can undo the booting sequence, by ether reading how, I suggest you do that first. visit the site.
                              and pleas, have a look at my shots So you get the idea.
                              Many Thanks

                              Mr Bean

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