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Unused File Extension?

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  • Unused File Extension?

    Hi on doing a registry scan, an unused 'file extension softgrid.unavailable' keeps reappearing even after deletion? This only appears in CCleaner. Is there a way of a permanent deletion?


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    I think you'll have to go into the Registry yourself to delete that,
    with (Start > Run > regedit). It's probably a corrupted key entry.

    A Registry repair Utility may be able to fix it, though.


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      Hi thx...........will check


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        I've been reading about a utility called 'RegServe Pro',
        that sounds pretty Good,
        but I've not tried it yet.

        Be very careful about using the Online free Scans, since many of those should Not be Let-Loose in your computer.
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          I remembered the name of the one I have used before:
          'Speedy PC Pro'
          (it has a 'file extension manager')
          I see that it was recently updated, version 6.4, so maybe it has improved ?
          (I was difficult to use before and has many sections that are same as ASC's utilities. ASC's are Better)
          I used an early version before I started using ASC.

          It might find and fix that error, but I'm Not sure.
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            I tried 'RegServe',
            but it would Not show or fix the supposedly-errors it found
            without Paying for it first. :cry:
            So if there is No trial-version I doubt that I'll be using that one. :?
            Since I have no way of Testing how well it Works.

            (it has a very Simple, Unfinished Look to it)
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