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  • Ransomware

    Ransomware is really a malicious program that is mainly created by hackers to encrypt users' important files and then extort lots of money from the victims if they want to get the files back. To deal with such terrible malware, you can get some help of this post.

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    From my expirience I can say that the only way to protect your data against ransomware is to make regular backups. And without fail to make them to offline hard drives or cloud drives. Also I can recommend you to read this article for more information:
    Spora viral code comes from Russia. The name of the malware basically designates the Russian word for ‘spore’. Indeed, like a spore, the ransomware propagates over the Internet. A typical infection vector leverages spamming. The message sounds as a routine business notice. It invites the recipient to open and amend the relevant attachment. Despite the …