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Forgot password for Protected Folder.

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  • Forgot password for Protected Folder.

    If you forgot the password for Protected Folder please see Forgot password for Protected Folder. SOLUTION:[Please follow the procedure]thread.

    Hi, I cut and pasted the password and used it as the clue (I was doing a test first) The program offers the clue (same as password) when I enter it says its wrong though. TIA for any help,

    Version Beta
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    I have also forgotten my password too, Please help me.
    thanks you so much!!!

    Version Beta (Released date: 2011-2-24)
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      I also forgot the password I used, is there anyway to reset it, or retrieve it.

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        Even I forgot my password...
        Plz Plz Plz Help me...
        Any help Will Be Appreciated...


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          forgot password protected folded 2.0 beta

          Help need to get password for protected files !!!
          forgot my password PLEASE HELP!!!
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            Forgot password

            I downloaded the program and set a password without locking any files or folders, now that i want to lock a file or folder i cant because i have forgotten the password i set up. I cant uninstall the program without the password which it asks for. How can I retrieve my password or uninstall so i can re-install with a new password?


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              Forgotten Password

              I was testing the Protect Folder v. last week, and now I simply forgot the password. Please advise. TIA.


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                I also forget my password does anybody have solution for this,please help


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                  Hello everyone,

                  I forgot my password, please help, i dont know what to do...


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                    Me Too!!

                    I've forgotten my password too. Any help would be apperciated. Thanks

                    Protected Folder Beta 2
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                      Protected Folder Beta 2

                      HELP.... I forgot my password to Protected Folder Beta 2. Any Help Thank You


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                        Forgot Protected Folder Password

                        I also forgot the password. I didn't use any of my 'normal' passwords. I used a hint, but I guess that wasn't a good hint. Can you please advise?
                        I was also trying the Protected Folder Beta considering possible purchase.


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                          Forgot password to program and cannot uninstall/upgrade

                          I decided to try your protected folder program on my girlfriends and my own PC, and we cannot get them to update or uninstall because we cycled through every password we have and none of them worked.

                          I know for a fact as I set it up it would have been one of those passwords but none of them are working and I cannot uninstall it even ::evil::evil:

                          First off in the future do not make a program that has a password lockout of uninstalling this is a form of malware, we should not have to reformat the HDD to remove a program period. second off make a way to retrieve lost passwords or even reset them though registered e-mail or something because people forgetting their password these days is a very common thing. In any event we would like a way to get this program of yours off our computers, I loved iobit with ASC free and smart defrag etc. but you should never make a program with no way to remove it if password is locked that is ludicrous.

                          Sincerely, Lill.


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                            Protected Folder Password Lost

                            Hi, I've lost my password for Protected Folder. Please advise.


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                              Password problem...

                              I still have the beta version installed and need to retreive a forgotten password. How do I do this?