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"Optimize File System": what does that mean

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  • "Optimize File System": what does that mean

    I'm running the program for a few days now. I'm a happy user so far.
    Unless i'm missing something there's not much information about the program itself. As for "help" the program refers to this forum for more info...but i find only questions; no help files and such...
    (It's still beta, i know...)

    Key Feature Quote.
    Optimize File System
    Not just simple defragment, IObit SmartDefrag also streamlines the file system and makes your computer run at the top speed.
    Does this refer to the option "defrag system directories" or is this referring to optimal placing of the files on the hard disk for booting or is this MFT related, or...? Does it defragment the swapfile?
    Who can shed some light on this matter?

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    As with other defrag utilities, ISD will move defragment files firstly and then move them around on your disc to where the program thinks is most appropriate for faster access. This is often affected by the type of file and frequency of access.