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    Hi, everyone,
    I have tried to do this many times, unsuccessful, were they,courage went away so i followed, i tied courage up,it won't be leaving today I am (61) my computer for the last three years has become my closest,pal.
    Teaching myself,and i think i'm doing great. I met Mr. IOBIT, he takes care of us, I don't know what i would do if he were not, thank you, for the hard work, You must have worked hard to get such a great program, Built,with everything people can use with so many tools. Wonderful,and brilliant,are you Sir. Almost as though you could see what i was not able to perform and made it just for me (really). My issue, i have a report to send, to knowledgeable folks, i know i found them. The way to get the report to you,there lies the problem,would you be kind enough to,guide me through.

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    Hi beattytherock, thank you for posting in the Forum! :grin:

    First of all, will you please update your User Profile from Control Panel (CP), clickable at the top left of the Forum page, so that we can respond more quickly.

    Secondly, which report of what software you would like to post. This section is for Smart Defrag (defragmenter program of IObit).

    Normally, if it is a text file (.txt), you can attach 6 of them to your post with max size of 50 KB each, you can compress a file with a program such as WinRAR and attach 6 zip or rar files with max size of 1.0 MB each.

    Please read FORUM USAGE GUIDELINES - Read this first thread.

    You will find information for attachments to posts in Manage Screenshots and Attachments in the Forum post.

    It will also be helpful to read USAGE of IOBIT PRODUCTS thread.

    All the best and cheers. :smile:

    Note1: The image in your post is not seen, you have to click on figure on the top and enter the URL address of the image, or copy the image from a web site and paste in the post when configuring a post before sending it.

    Note2: Here is the description by Toppack to attach an image to a post:
    Originally posted by Toppack View Post
    On the 'Reply to Post' page, scroll down and click the 'Manage Attachments' button.
    Then on that page click the 'Browse' button to find the Screen-shot Picture you previously saved.
    Then click the 'Upload' button to send it with your Reply.

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