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  • No continuous space

    Hi guys, I'm using the latest version of Smart Defrag and I want to defrag my Games folder, but it doesn't matter which method I chose because it simply won't defrag certain files.
    I get the No continuous space "error" as a result, every time it happens for the same files. The files are from Titanfall 2 and Quantum Break. There are 2 files from Titanfall 2, one has 9.28Gb and the other 10.40 Gb, and one file from Quantum Break which has 52.66Gb. Both games are installed on a 1Tb HDD which isn't split in other partitions, it's just one 931GB partition and for the moment it has 144GB free space.
    Can someone explain why is this happening, does it have anything to do with the free space on my HDD?

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    Free space and continuous are not the same thing. Free space is simply the amount of space that has nothing assigned to it. This could be scattered in pieces allover the disc.
    Continuous space is blocks of the disc that are in one piece without any used space between.
    Have you done a complete disc defrag and optimise first in order to gain the most Free space. This should then defrag the games files.
    Also, if a file is in use either by the user or the system it cannot be defragged. So ensure that all processes attached to the game are stopped before defragging.
    Also check your settings in Smart Defrag and ensure that you have not selected the "Skip Files Larger Than ??GB.
    Also check what is allocate in your Windows setting for Recycle bin and system restore. This is often defaulted to 10% of your disc which is very close to your 144GB. If this is the case, then defrag will see that it is not available. .
    To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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      Ty for your answer, I didn't tried to defrag the entire HDD, I'll try that, I don't have system restore activated, it's off for all partitions, Recycle Bin has on every partition the option to directly remove the files and the option to skip larger files is off in Smart Defrag. I'll try to defrag the entire HDD and I'll tell the results.


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        So I tried to defrag the whole HDD and now I'm getting the No continuous result only with the Titanfall 2 files


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          Do another full disc defrag and optimise and see if Titan files will defrag
          To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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            Hello Amaregaz,

            This is Cicely from IObit.

            Could you please send us a screenshot of the issue?

            Waiting for your reply.
            IObit Support Team --
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