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Fast vs. Deep Optimize

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  • Fast vs. Deep Optimize

    I had noticed in the past that the 'Deep Optimize' function run much quicker than expected in version 1.11.

    Well today, I tried the 'Fast Optimize' option and it seemed to be going much slower. I let it run for about 10 minutes and noticed that it said there was about 45 minutes remaining. So just on a hunch, I stopped that scan and immediately ran a Deep Optimize. After scanning the drive for a few seconds, the remaining time left on that function was 26 minutes.

    So do you think there might be a chance that these two functions got switched in the dropdown menu? :-?

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    Timer Has Bug

    Hi exostencil-I doubt that is the case.However I can tell you that the timer has no relative bearing on when the program will finish running.This problem has been addressed in the forum,and I believe IObit is looking into it.Usually,when the timer indicates @20 minutes left,it finishes in @ seven-at least in my case.And yes,a deep optimize should take longer to run irrespective of what the timer is indicating.Go ahead and run the deep optimize feature and you'll see what I mean about the timer.
    Great day and God bless horsepower & Mark Martin


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      Hi detailer-

      I let the Deep Optimize finish and it took just over nine minutes to finish. Sad thing is that there really isn't any way to do a side by side comparison of the two modes to test my hair-brained theory. (unless you make an exact duplicate of a one hard drive and file structure)

      Oh well, it was just a thought. :-|