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Automatic vs. manual defrag

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  • Automatic vs. manual defrag

    I have some questions on how to use SmartDefrag:

    1) Do I have to turn off automatic defrag when running a manual defrag?

    2) Does manual defrag put the files in the same efficient order as automatic defrag does.

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    No you dont need to turn off automatic defrag when running a manual defrag. A comprehensive defrag done manually does put the files in order but the express one just defrags without moving the files.

    Hope this Helps,
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      Thank you Warior,

      but then I have to ask why the comprehensive defrag keeps trying to defrag or move some files, when it just has done so in a previous run, and the report shows, that there is no more fragmented files.
      I have tryed this several times, as I did not expect the drive should be optimized already after the first comprehensive defrag.


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        The smart defrag, assembles as far as it can - given what is in use NOW, - the elements of files that belong together.
        The comprehensive defrag does the same, but also it tries to put the files in order, - what that order is, I don't know, - but I would guess that it is either the latest used files or the most used files, that are moved to the front of the drive to maximize the speed in finding them again.
        This makes for different approaches to defragmentation and this explains what you experience I think.
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          As solbjerg said above it places the files in order from the most used to the rarely used ones and the reason it does it again is because the files always change and get more fragmented and so on. Dont use the comprehensive defrag for every defrag do that about every 2 weeks and for everyday use use the express defrag.
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