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10 Bit smart Defrag /system tray

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  • 10 Bit smart Defrag /system tray

    My Problem Is, As I Can See Other Members Have Raised Is The Missing 10 Bit Defrag Icon From My Taskbar ,
    At One Point It Was Visible But Now Missing ,why.? I Am Using Beta 4.01 Version On Windows Vista ,how Do I Remedy.
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    I guess you mean the icon from IObit Smartdefrag (so it's not the number ten).
    No icon means the program is not running.
    I suggest you find the right group in your Start menu, usually it is IObit Smartdefrag. Once there you click on the icon labeled IObit Smartdefrag (it is the "arrow" icon). Now in you system tray appears the same icon.
    Click that icon to open the program. Click on "option" on the left side. Check the option "Load automatically at Windows startup(recommended)". Then press the OK button.
    Now the program will start with each start of Windows and the icon will always appear as before in the system tray.


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      10 Bit Defrag system tray/Taskbar

      mrahk,Tried what you suggest with no luck,Box checked to start with windows ,box checked to minimise to system tray /taskbar on closing,
      Initially after installing was ok,have activated Auto defrag,Icon was then visible in Taskbar ,when I hovered mouse pointer over Icon it told me defrag was still running,Bit of a mystery,!
      I did consider uninstalling and reinstalling ,but Would not uninstall,Any suggestions.


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        Most probably IObit SmartDefrag is running in the background.
        Go to the Task Manager, click on IObit SmartDefrag.exe, and click "End Process" button to kill the process.
        Then, try to uninstall it.
        Delete the folder.
        Run AWC registry cleaner, and reinstall ISD.

        The name of the program is not 10 Bit Defrag, but iobit smartdefrag, [ie. IObit SmartDefrag (ISD)]

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          10Bitsmart Defrag system tray/Taskbar

          Enoskype,Followed your advice ,removed from Task manager,would you believe Icon is back in system tray /taskbar,(10 Bit Smart Defrag)when I close main page Balloon now tells me Attention 10 Bit Smart Defrag is still running,Also when I hover mouse over tells me Auto Defrag on,dont quite know how ,Thanks for your Assist, only hope it doesent revert back ,anytime I
          restart computer or shut down.

          Many Thanks