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smart defrag hangs.......solved!

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  • smart defrag hangs.......solved!

    well, for me anyway.......ran into the same problem mentioned here and elsewhere.

    In troubleshooting mode I thought what has changed, it ran fine last week.

    I had installed the "Set Point" software for a logitech keyboard (probably for keyboard and mouse, whatever was on the included disk)

    Uninstalled the logitech software and SD2 runs as it should, reinstall the logitech Setpoint, and SD2 stalls/locks up.

    Why this happens is above my pay grade, but hopefully it will help others trouble shoot the problem.

    happy hunting, Mike:smile:
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    Here's Info about 'SetPoint' driver software:
    (It appears to be very different that usual mouse/keyboard drivers, since it over-rides OS settings)

    See Link:

    (there's also more info links on this page)
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