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Old Feb. 12th, 2012, 02:12
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Default Aye Woz!!

I am considering trying Linux again after 3 years! J is to be commended on his pioneering spirit!

Mr. Bean... will I get the wonderful tree chick if I try Linux again? That would be a bonus I think!

Live long and prosper!

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Old Feb. 12th, 2012, 06:10
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Dear Readers
I would recommend you first go and look at the offerings
as there are different versions of the linux makes, you then down load a file that could take about 1 to 1and a half hours

burn that to a dvd and boot that ....Please read how .....then name it linux
my version On the DVD Cover and make
let say unbuntu 10.10
you boot it and try it from the DVD ---take a look at it....after if you decide you like to try it
install it to a drive.....
Please NOTE preference is to its own disk .so as not to interfere with Your MS
Disk (hard)
that I have done
NOTE also MS cannot SEE the linux drive!
BUT linux CAN see the MS drive....
be aware off this....
any problems booting the installed linux ask me for help
Mr Bean

ps note I would never give up MS as it can do a lot linux cannot why
the programs
the other reason being security its very simple to defend linux ....
by using fire starter..
set that and its all one needs...


past this in your browser to down load
or if you trust me clicK the link

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Old Feb. 12th, 2012, 21:31
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Take a look See gives you a idea of how it will look and feel...
mind you
its the plane Jane After you Have it installed ???
you can enhance it as you please...backgrounds and browser setting and so on

Now Like Myself take it very slow There is no mad rush ...you will need to read a lot as there is no one to do it for you....First of The line ...when you have it running I strongly suggest
unplug the modem .....till you have the feel of the OS .learn what it can or cannot do...
Or rather you The user...At first one gets the feeling what's this!!!

yes its not windows You have to adjust to the OS worK your Way slowly...

and as you get concordance and find your way around then turn on the modem and the VERY fist THING install The Fire Wall Called "Fire Starter"

Again there is no hurry to hit the net use your windows if you must use the net.....
Again Thank you iobit For allowing This Thread....It is Most Kind of you...
Mr Bean

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Old Feb. 16th, 2012, 01:15
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ok here is some help..If you Install a version of linux there is a possibility it my not boot of at all..or sits on your desk top screen.(.Booting Screen..)
you need to point to it .

So there is a small application called EasyBCD 2.1.1 or the newer version...
(you need to download it)
open that and ad the linux drive..
1 start it
2 add a new entry
2A, click the linux/BSD
3 Try GRUB (Legacy)
4 select your drive (partich 2 linux)
5 hit the add entry- close that
6 hit edit boot menu
7 you should see the new entry close that and reboot..
Now you be faced with a menu ..choose the one to boot.
this should now be able to boot ether Os from its own Drive...
Mr Bean


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Old Feb. 25th, 2012, 21:48
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You could if you wanted to :Or for that matter any or most linux based OS..

Tho this case we talK Unbuntu..
downloading Ubuntu and run it alongside your current Windows system. BY Downloading, Windows installer Please ChecK the LinK



first I recommend my self (Mr BEAN talking )

Try it from a cd ..before you Even think Of .running it along side windows....or download it and install it...to the hard drive..reason you may not liKe it...then have a huge problem getting rid of it.
why ? your drive is split and could lose your booting process if you tried to..Be warned No Matter What You are Told .BE aware..!!

windows is not friendly towards LINUX...nor a other operating system on the same unit(pc's DRIVE)

I strongly recommend linux on its own hard drive..please read the above.POST you will need the app, 80% out of 100 to boot from the linux drive..
again take note...OK
and decide If you want to IN the first place ,Having Siad That I love It

Web browsing

Ubuntu has everything you need to browse the web quickly and safely. Mozilla Fire-fox Tho it be a Different to windows as its Made Fore Linux, yet do the same,comes as standard and Or ,you can choose alternative browsers like Google Chrome from the Ubuntu Software Centre.
Note windows version do not work on linux! NOR linux.on windows

Built-in security????

With automatic security updates, anti-phishing technology and defence against viruses and malware, Ubuntu and Firefox help you keep your private information private. (but do not rely on it 100%Rather sceptical Being that I am.. ))
Perhaps a good reason to try it???

Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video, and interactivity to web pages.that is already installed.as it loads up from the centre..

Ubuntu Software Centre

The Ubuntu Software Centre gives you instant access to thousands of free and open-source applications. And now you can buy apps (if you want I personalty ,Don't)
from some of the leading providers too. All software is easy to find and install so you can have a customised desktop that suits you in no time.
and not one nagging application that I have yet to experience..
or register.
Like your EMAIL?

Ubuntu has apps for quick and easy communication. Empathy As example, helps you integrate your chat accounts. And with Thunderbird, you can access your emails, address book and calendar. Being connected for work or fun easily.

Again I recommend you Do not use the same hard drive Tho It be Fine.May Be troublesome to remove..
the reason is the drive is split...and your stuck with it ..as this case we talk Unbuntu..Also yes, be aware if you decided to format the split drive you will lose windows booting to its Os...you will need the above app to try to recertify this..

I use it on its own drive.windows and linux thy are completely separate .
widows cannot see the linux drive.but linux can see windows drive...
you should be aware of that!
and remember not to install or use windows drive ,saving or writing to...
from the linux operating system...Keep them separate,,,
This is not told By linux People And you could have a headache If trying to rid it of the drive..
I can tell you I ended up Formatting the split dive back to 1
Then re Backing back on the drive the win os Using Malcuim Relect...
thank you for reading my post and god bless you and yours..
Mr Bean

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Old Mar. 7th, 2012, 13:11
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Unhappy Microsoft is going to ??

previewing windows 8 ---
this looks to me heading to block that, Microsoft is going to try to keep Linux, older versions of Windows, and other operating systems off Windows 8 PCs.

a good thing? we will have to see...Microsoft will be trying to use UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) to block Linux, older versions of Windows, and other alternative operating systems from booting on Windows 8 PCs. or wiil it happen?

Microsoft UEFI secure boot is requirement for Windows 8 certification and that, while “OEMs [original equipment manufacturers) are free to choose how to enable this support," they still have to have it. In turn, that will make it harder for OEMs to support alternative operating systems and, if the OEM does bow down to Microsoft's demands, it will make it almost impossible for end-users to run Linux, older versions of Windows, or other alternative operating systems on Windows 8 certified PCs.

In short, if Microsoft has its way, and may?

Windows 8 PCs will be even more locked into their pre-installed operating systems
the Windows 8 PC you buy in 2013 will be permanently locked into Windows 8. And, like smart phones, only expert firmware hackers May or will be able to switch out operating systems or even enable dual-booting operating systems.

This isn't the first time Microsoft has tried to lock out competitors from Windows PCs. Back In the early 2000s, Microsoft tried to combine Windows and the BIOS with a Digital Right Management (DRM) scheme called Next Generation Secure Computing Base (NGSCB), At the time, the point wasn't so much as to block operating systems as it was to build DRM into PCs so you couldn't play any music or video content unless you had a license for it. That effort failed.

That isn't stopping Microsoft from once more trying to stop you from using your computer the way you want to use it .nothing new thy been trying for 20 years!

Please Note
What does this mean for the end user?” “Microsoft claims that the customer is in control of their PC. thy mean you can move it around the house yes!
or thy mean,customer meaning manufacturer.

The user (you or I)are not guaranteed the ability to install extra signing keys in order to securely boot the operating system of their choice. The user is not guaranteed the ability to disable this functionality.

The user is not guaranteed that their system will include the signing keys that would be required for them to swap their graphics card for one from another vendor, or replace their network card and still be able to netboot, or install a newer SATA controller and have it recognize their hard drive in the firmware.
The user is no longer in control of their PC.” Nothing New Its been tried Before!

The fact is that Microsoft’s move ,will remove control from the user and places it in the hands of Microsoft and the hardware vendors.
it makes it more difficult to run anything other than Windows.
and BOY ,have thy been trying there but off to stop you using your system the way you want to!
that started with Window *98 in particular from there on it became harder and harder how you wanted to use the desktop...

UEFI secure boot may be a valuable and worthwhile feature ??
that Microsoft [is] or may be misusing to gain tighter control over the market.
and by the way try running software on 8 see how you go..and this then makes sense! the post and what I write,Windows *8* I would think very hard first!

having said all this makes no difference to the new user.why thy do not Know any better Nor Interested so long as it links to the net who cares if its locked to windows 8! and cant duel Boot or run certain programs after all
win 8 sings its dangerous thy believe it..
the old saying I grew up with .
"what you do not Know will not hurt you"

the whole thing behind this? is thy want to stop there older OS from being used
mark this give it a few years perhaps a bit longer XP will not function.
any more on the net or the Newer PCs thy be locked down!!!!..
I would vesture to say by the year 2020 no more Win any thing but 8 onwards!
unless thy change there thinking????

Mr Bean

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Old Mar. 15th, 2012, 00:32
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hi every one

I like to post on removing files in windows any version...
after reading the forum on unlocker posts some rather sort of anger ,frustration .
depending how its interpretation are, reading them...

now I have a solution for you..and one can go absolutely crazy dilating .moving,killing of till one is contented...
and file in windows any OS...matter of fact Flux The lot if you are so inclined.
and rid them one by one or all at once..every thing to the rubbish bin..

Tho be aware when booting up the system no windows! but hey ya had a lot of fun !
yes dear readers you can achieve it with Linux,,,,best unlocker there is ...
and Do not com-plane to me saying it don't work
it will!!!!

ok now lets get real..

as you Know and may of read I am testing win 8...
a file called wuwebv.dll was thought to be malaware ..
and could not be removed..
windows had it locked down...

so booting into Linux found it and I removed it to my pen drive..
only way..
rebooted back to 8 and its surly was removed...

after posting to and fro found it ok to copy back ..
no harm done...

Mr Bean

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Old Apr. 7th, 2012, 20:58
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A while back now there was a long discussion on the virut virus
and received a lot of help from our forum friend,since then being vigilant (Sort OF) and use this type of scanner using Linux(a neutral ground) and A os that has the reputation from being virus free (almost of the time) as I use a windows based drivers programs in conjunction with Linux.and use windows software on Linux.I scan the drive NOW and then..YES scan Linux drive..
and its software..the z drive being windows based,inside of Linux..a tool called wine runs the application scanning the drive...that's 1.00 gigabytes,it also scans the windows drive, C + Z.LINUX..and its programs...now to be sure its clean ..and use it a lot(Linux) logging to my drives and install different application..Guess what ?

no problems,according to the Kasbury scanner.
now Is my windows OS clean..a honest answer is NO its filthy with junk virus and RUBBISH.

why well because I love testing pick up a virus Now and then next thing get a loaded
drive full of rats! So in with the cleaner when the system windows slows down
and give it a good flush!

The other reason is most times windows breaks very Quickly AS I do not care
simply recover the system with maulcium express, till the next slowdown,or BREAKDOWN.ONE thing
LINUX is free of rats thy do not if thy manage to get in live long next boot that it gone...Thy die..Nothing to eat Is the problem!
SO Mr Bean what about windows we care less about bloody Linux!
right,that where you need this type of fast scanner
Kaspersky Lab ZAO Verut Killer,it should clean 98% of the virut virus,on boot up should Kill the rest.

Then do a other scan,hopefully its cured..that being the easy part...and TRUST this no antie virus program
Keeps you Free I do not care WHat IT is.or who made it.

thy should,one would think that, but thy also can Kill a OS EASILY TAKING A INNOCENT FILE WITH IT WHEN THY DO CLEAN A INFECTION....
to cover your self you have a full baKced up system Iso,file or A file on the outer drive and ore disK DVD or better still your pen drive,,????

that is closed to writing on..Just in case it cleaned the drive to well and tooK a lie-get file with it..if that is the case,then format the drive clean and do a restore after that.OR IF your system FAILED to BOOT.or windows sits there black screened or Blue screened.worst still nothing.
IN with your booting maulcum disk and Restore The Drive..

NOW I recomend this..if you have no other means of storing files or save able to do this
I advize looK into installing Linux,say 100MG partition,that will boot the system
HOW? the Linux will do it for you you set the size..

and you be able to get to the failed drive any how.EASY and,.save files before you Kill it of(windows ?)

you may need the program easy boot look further up The POSTS,and have that handy,saved on the Linux drive(safety)
or cd dvd or pen drive..I have Done this So many Times Lost Count...
and get lacks-adasy scanning,many do not have that luxury,I am not Trying To convert here,but a small drive with Linux
makes live Easy,EVEN 35 MEG be plenty so long as you Keep it small not to many add on,best I found is Minn 50MG
and install UNBUNTU KEEP it down with updates,load a browser,and the min apps you need.Watch tho the Space you want about 10MG OR so free.
for copy and pasting Files.DO not FILL it to the brim..
and it runs like a Dream.

OK so why the long winded post..I just lost my C:\ drive scanning it..Umm cleaned it to well.Then got to thinking better post on this loss.
in case some of you may clean to well also?
Mr Bean
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Old Apr. 9th, 2012, 06:09
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I do recommend get this and scan the windows drive..
I should of said it was windows I lost Linux was clean..and fine..
Mr Bean

or search the one site you like to download it from..

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Old Apr. 24th, 2012, 16:56
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My how times fly by
well unbutu has a new one 12.4 beta, My one sadly is No more supported..

and auto updated. to bad as I will not give it up Just yet.all known bugs been fixed.
and is updated to this month.but thats it..

using Ubuntu 10.10 - the Maverick Meerkat - released in October 2010 and supported until April 2012.

My thinking,this is fully set! no bugs,using it all this time not 1 virus or break down,of any sort

I will be looking hard at the new one on offer when ready,hoping thy fixed the menu so it can be set to the bottom or at least hide itself, when of mouse!
as long as thy persist the way it is now will not use it or another ones till thy fix it.

I hate staring at Icons on the main screen and a long ugly one at that.My taste is a full screen empty of icons at the bottom thats fine
and accept the thin one at the top,any how besides that I wonder if its as good as this one??

not a clue but I think there is a way to reprogram the menu to set them on the bottom in this version.(hope so)

Mr Bean
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