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  3. I've been a user of AMC for a while now. I renewed December 2020, yet AMC Pro keeps saying my license is expired. I tried to open a ticket, but it still says the activation code is invalid. Additionally, it appears I've had two licenses, 6 months apart, which may be where the issue is. Another issue is simply, how do you input the new activation code? I've uninstalled AMC from my devices and installed from the APK I got from the link provided in the activation email (which doesn't include license code entry instructions) and once I sign in, it still has the expired license. I tried from the play store and same thing. What makes things even more difficult is the fact it tells me to Buy Pro, so I tapped Buy Pro in hopes it'll prompt for a new code, but alas, it simply says "You already have PRO version. No need to purchase again."
  4. I purchased a number of IOBIT programs with a 3-User license. I'm having difficulty in how to activate it on a second computer. I'm obviously missing something. It isn't clearly outlined anywhere. I'm sure that I'm not the only one who's had this difficulty. Thanks for any suggestions. Be safe.
  5. Hello Yarra, Do you mean a log file to examine changes of the computer? If yes, please follow the steps below: Open Advanced SystemCare > click Options icon on the top right corner of the main screen to choose Settings… > click Logs and Backup > check Creat logs when there is any change to the computer > click OK. Next time, you can click Open Log Folder under the bottom left corner of the Saved Logs box to get the log file.
  6. Is there a log file and reading tool to examine changes over time please? Thanks in advance for your kind consideration 🕵️‍♂️
  7. Hello ali234324343, Sorry for the issue you encountered. Could you please provide us with more information by PM so that our engineer can further investigate? Thanks in advance. May you have a good day!
  8. Hi Chester Nash, I am sorry for the issue you encountered. Please send more information to us by PM so that our engineer can further investigate.
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  10. Could you share the link to everyone please, perhaps by updating your website? thanks
  11. I am still getting these same problems with Driver Booster. I have 5 licences that I have PAID for and still, my MWB says it is Malware. Why can't IOBit fix this issue? Surely you people are capable of fixing this.
  12. In the latest free version update, I notice something called safe box in the right click menu. Problem is, now the menu takes around 10 seconds to open. Is anyone else noticing a delay when right clicking? Is there a way to remove safe box from the menu so it won't slow me down?
  13. Hi, I'm a fan of your products, I've been using advanced systemcare ultimate for over a year, but recently, 4 days ago to be precise, I encountered a problem: I can't monitor the temperature in performance monitor, it says N/A! any fixes? Thanks in advance
  14. I'm having issues with "icacls" I had users that wanted folder permissions changed to certain rights like full for some read right for others so I used icacls something like the bottom. Of course there are other groups as well added to the line. icacls "\\Server\Engr_Svcs\HYDR\ZZ_Drafting Services" /grant:r "system-admins":(OI)(CI)F /T /C /grant:r "Administrators":(OI)(CI)F /T /C After I go to the folders in question or sub folders I find there are no permission on files in folders like \\server\location\folder .... the files have no permissions at all but folder shows all group permissions. while the icacls is running I see processed file: \\server\location\folder\filename.pdf or others I go to the folder check file no permissions! but if I add my group to file remove cut and paste check file its good.
  15. Hello bamba, Sorry for the problem you encountered. Could you please provide us with more information? Thanks a lot in advance. May you have a good day!
  16. i overclocked my cpu speed to 5.1 ghz 24/7 so there is no fluctuation. but when i open advanced system care the cpu speed goes back to alternating speeds. Dont tell me i have to make custom power management plan for my OC settings
  17. Hello RedRic, I have sent you a private message with the link to get the latest IObit Malware Fighter v8.8 If you have any other issues, please feel free to tell me.
  18. Thanks for the file export tip. I was able to export the software inventory list to a text file including all the details needed for recordkeeping.
  19. Hello hrussd, Startup Manger in Toolbox has been moved to the Speed Up panel in ASC V14. Now, you can set the related items at Startup Optimizer in the Speed Up panel. To show the boot time, you can open Advanced SystemCare V14 >> click the Options icon on the top right corner of the main screen and select Settings… >> click Notifications >> check Notification for boot time. Have a good day! Cheers!
  20. The download link has been stuck at V8.2 since October 2020. What a waste of effort updating the software only to fail to distribute it!
  21. Hello chrisban35, Sorry to hear that. You can close the unwanted message by clicking the "X" in the top right corner. Sorry it might be not clear and brings you inconvenience. We just want to share the quality program with our users who may need. I have reported your feedback to our product team. We will keep on improving.
  22. Hi KIRKULES and jmtcesnz.co.nz, Sincerely thanks for your detailed suggsetions and precious time.😃 Well, IObit really want to help users boost their PCs and protect their devices. And we really want to share the the quality programs that users may need. Sorry to see that the ads( shares) bring you inconveniences. I will report your precious suggestions to our product team for consideration and we will keep on improving. Your feedabcks are valued. @KIRKULES, yes, I agreed with you that the close button should be clearer. 😃Our product team will take it into consideration. But it is not a good choice to install a cracked program. Protecting Intellectual Property Rights is our common responsibility. Besides, it is not safe to install cracked programs as these programs may have potentially unsafe file. It may open the back door to steal data, or invade the original program and cause damages to your programs and computers. @jmtcesnz.co.nz, thanks for your trust to IObit. As you mentioned Malwarebytes detected our programs as PUP (potentially unwanted programs) by Malwarebytes. However, PUP is a very controversial topic since it also makes legit programs as PUP. Please read the articles below including Enigma Software's lawsuit against Malwarebytes for the later’s anticompetitive practices and Enigma won this lawsuit.Actually, we are basically in the same situation as Enigma. http://www.thewindowsclub.com/malwarebytes-potentially-unwanted-program https://www.enigmasoftware.com/legal/court-opinion-us-court-appeals-ninth-circuit-enigma-software-vs-malwarebytes-case-17-17351.pdf We contacted MBAM to resolve this issue many times but the flag is still there. Happy to hear that you choose us. For your suggestion - allow an opt out in the paid versions or at lease on each new ad, allow a working "Don't show me this product any more" check box. It sounds well. 😃 I have wrote it into the report and our product team will take it into consideration. @all, wlecome your feedback and suggestions. IObit always listens to our users. All of you make IObit today. 😃
  23. Well, there ya go! You just popped that banner up again on my screen, and I've just uninstalled ALL of your services, and I've now sent out an email to ALL of my clients whom I'd advised to use your services, and they will be removing your software as well. Since you assholes can't keep from being ROGUES, you're done with me and my clients. Pathetic as hell! Creating popup banners with no way to cancel or remove. One of the most unprofessional asinine moves!
  24. Hi Kirkules& Cicely , I have been using and recommending the free versions of IObit software to family friends and clients for years as most of the products outshine the competition. I was willing to put up with the ads because it was free and I reasoned that free software should be able to advertise to remain free. I have been fighting for and defending IOBit on the MalwareBytes forum for the last few years because MalwareBytes quarantines each new update of Advanced SystemCare and forces me to have to whitelist it every time with the only other option of having to turn off Malwarebytes PUP detection. Most of my family/friends & clients don't know how to whitelist so I have moved them from MalwareBytes (also a very good program but appears to have a vendetta against IOBit having lost a court case against them) and put them and myself on the paid version of Advanced SystemCare Ultimate (ASCU) and IOBit Malware Fighter (IMF). My thoughts being that between the two ASCU with BitDefender and IMF designed for Malware protection, I'd have close to the same protection that Malware Bytes provided. I did not think that we'd be bombarded by ads, most of which trick my family, friends and clients into installing. I have been looking for ways to stop the ads and wound up in this forum. A year or two ago, I thought only MalwareBytes considered ASC/ASCU as malware but now I have seen other AV software quarantine it and Virus total shows this. IOBit should listen to their users and allow an opt out in the paid versions or at lease on each new ad, allow a working "Don't show me this product any more" check box.
  25. Back from vacation so picking this up again. Here's the update, and it's looking more to me like ASC is not happy on this hardware. First, as suggested, I downgraded from ASC Ultimate to ASC free. I did this by using ASC Uninstaller to remove Ultimate at which time it gave me the option to install ASC free. Both system crashed within 24 hours. Then I tried to disable ASC service using services, so it doesn't start with Windows. It still loads performance monitor at boot time, the the ASC service isn't running per services. Systems crash within 24 hours. Then I remove ASC Free completely. Both Systems have run now without crashing for 48 hours. I will let them run a couple more days to verify. I want to provide more info about how Win 10 "crashes" because it's unlike anything I've seen before. The first sign is that the clock stops. Some programs will function, some programs will not. I can click window icon (lower left corner) or use window key to bring up the menu. I then click "power" and it shows me "Sleep, Shut Down, Restart" options. I click "Restart" but nothing happens after that. I have to use the hardware reset button. Next steps: Since my son is on summer break, he doesn't need this system daily. I'm planning to stick a fresh hard drive in the system, do a fresh and simple install of Win 10. Then add ASC as the only program in addition to Win 10 and the drivers Asus posts on their website, and see if the system crashes. If it does not, then I will repeat the same, but this time with Intel RST enabled in BIOS and adding the Intel RST driver to the Win 10 install. Let me know if you have any other suggestions Thanks!
  26. Hey Cicely, Calling a donkey an ass doesn't change it. Calling an ad a "recommendation" is the same. I don't know how many times I've selected what I thought was one of the almost daily updates and it turned out to be the new version. That's bad enough but I'm looking at an ad for iTop VPN right now telling me my IP address is exposed while showing me an IP address that is not my own, since I have a VPN already, and the only buttons clearly identified will all install the program. This is the fine print from the bottom of this ad "By clicking button, you agree to install to install iTop VPN and accept its EULA &Privacy Policy." The only way to close this ad without installing it is by selecting an almost invisible "X" in the top right corner. This "X" is deliberately hidden by making it only a slight shade off from the main background color. IOBIT is disgusting. So everybody here's the kicker. Go to any torrent site and download the crack. All IOBIT programs are available without any malware. I've been using it for years with no issue what-so-ever. Most of the time when they come up with a new version my old crack works to register it. When it doesn't I go to a torrent site and download the crack for the new version. It's always there. I know they are official IOBIT programs because I always use the installers from the official IOBIT website. Then I use the crack from the torrent site to register it. Now you won't mind their ads since you're getting the registered version for free anyway. I do wonder how good IOBIT is though when it can be so easily cracked. If I had a company or something I would absolutely be looking elsewhere for my protection. But I just have an everyday computer and it's good enough for me. Like I said, never had a problem. Enjoy!
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