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  2. All posts must be in English...(Todas as postagens devem ser em inglês) How did you "modify the operating system" with ASC. Did you try a system restore to restore your pc back to a time before the issue occurred.
  3. quando eu modifiquei o sistema operacional através do sistema operacional avançado 14 e o programa me disse que eu tenho que reiniciar e o bloqueio de tela estava diferente do normal e eu não consigo fazer login mesmo tendo uma senha que posso acessar minha conta Microsoft o bloqueio de tela
  4. I'd glad to purchase a lifetime license, the uninstaller has been good for me. But can be questionable if a product like an uninstaller should have a annual subscription as products like adobe or antivirus. Anyway, I'd like to register my protest.
  5. I am sorry to hear that. Please send us your downloaded setup file "advanced-systemcare-setup.exe" for further checking. If you fail to attach the file directly here, please upload it to wikisend.com and send us the download link. Thank you.
  6. Yesterday
  7. I like to watch what the cluster looks like during defragmentation. So I want you to be able to increase the window size so that you can see it better. And, I want you to display only the state of the cluster map in full screen.
  8. Last week
  9. The driver provided by driver Booster 8.4 for a USB key architectured on Driver for Realtek 8811CU Wireless LAN for Wi-Fi 802.11ac (Wi-Fi 5) is not valid (not digitally signed). A warning windows pop-up recommended to not install it and, after installed it, it doesn't work at all. Windows Update does not find a more recent and genuine driver. I found, downloaded and installed the most recent [win10_1030.38.0304.2019_Drv_3.00.0031_UI_1.00.0299.L] on Comfast web site clé USB CF-811AC
  10. "infohelper.exe" link gave me a 404 error--here are the screenshots: IObit Screenshots.doc
  11. If you want help, then give us the details, and writing in large font will not be allowed,and will not get you assistance ant faster.
  12. Did you steal my money? Are you scammers? I paid the money. Sender - Rinat Aznabaev. oren716@i.ua
  13. Everything is simple when you have the necessary information, such as the fact that you want to remove it because it is using too much ram. MsMpEng.exe is a core process Windows Defender, and therefore windows tries to prevent access to it. Rather than messing with a core process, perhaps it would be better to resolve the cause. Have a look here...https://windowsreport.com/msmpeng-exe-high-cpu-usage/ Also did you try forced mode in Unlocker. As for..."Unlocker is used to delete protected files."...I have never seen it stated in any literature that this is the case
  14. Its simple. Unlocker is used to delete protected files. This file uses a lot of ram and everybody that has this problem uses Unlocker to delete it (i used before reset my pc) and now not work. Thanks.
  15. What you actually mean is that Unlocker does not work for that file....not that unlocker does not work. The reason it does not work for that file is that it is a windows system file, and you do not have access to it. You should not be messing with system files....unless you wish to wreck your pc.
  16. I tried restarting pc, redownloading, but nothing.
  17. You can still roll back the driver to the previous one. Ignore is only to do with the scan.
  18. Ah, thank you. Looks like I screwed myself over by uninstalling the program, I got stuck with the new driver. Hopefully they will put out a better driver in the coming days. Thanks for your help.
  19. i have tried those options but still not fix the issue, please @IronfistClown can you share the fix?
  20. i.m getting a pop up which states "removable disk detected". Is there a setting to avoid removable disks?
  21. Very nice software and I am free from Anti Virus problem and Thank you
  22. Go here and request a refund.....https://www.iobit.com/en/refund.php Also, send a message to Cicely, the Iobit team member on the forum.........https://forums.iobit.com/profile/8409-cicely/ Reference this topic in your message.
  23. I do not know what you mean by "DR"...whether you mean driver or driver booster. If you have removed and reloaded driver booster, then you have lost the data, so you cannot unignore it now. But it does not matter as everything will be back to previous state and the driver will be scanned again. However, go to settings/ignore...and you will see if the driver is in the ignore list, if so you can un-ignore it. I also recommend that you read the product manual for Driver Booster so you will know all the functions.
  24. ЗАКАЗ ОНЛАЙН - ИНФОРМАЦИЯ О ПЛАТЕЖЕ (ПЛАТЕЖНАЯ КВИТАНЦИЯ) ( ONLINE ORDER - PAYMENT INFORMATION (PAYMENT RECEIPT)) I have removed the entire content of this post, because.... 1) All posts on this forum must be in English. 2) You have given a lot of personal details in your post, which is not allowed on the forum. (Я удалил все содержание этого сообщения, потому что .... 1) Все сообщения на этом форуме должны быть на английском языке. 2) Вы указали много личных данных в своем сообщении, что запрещено на форуме.) If you want a refund, go h
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