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  2. @ fernando ferreira Why are you posting a copy of Kheoz post ?
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  4. Can u do something to move just the start button from left side of Taskbar to right side of taskbar or from left side of screen to right side of screen?
  5. How did Iobit block it. I have never seen ASC block anything. Also, if you have fixed it, then please share your fix, as it may help other Users.
  6. What I showed was the message I got from AISuite3 after Iobit blocking it. Anyway about this issue it`s ok now. I fixed it. Tks anyway
  7. Hey may I ask for a new link please
  8. Great. But I've already been charged 21.73 for 12 Pro. Any chance of a refund?
  9. Even though this post is going way back to 2015, I have to repeat it word for word. I have used IObit almost since they started back around 2005. I have been very happy with them. The products I tried all did what they claimed. Several I happily purchased the PRO version and along the way, promoted IObit to people. Then about two and half years ago I decided to try IObit's AMC (Advanced Mobile Care) for my cellphone. I used the free version for awhile and then figured I would purchase the PRO version. That went fine until it was time to renew this year. Then I might have gone to the trash bin myself. It would not accept my renewal no matter what I did nor how many days I attempted on figuring that maybe the company was having maintenance issues. It also kept on telling me that I already had PRO if I attempted on getting it downloaded new, but never allowed it to remain. It would at times work, then when I used it or rebooted my phone, it just disappeared again giving me only the free version. It took I believe about a week of constant attempts to get someone from IObit to reply to me, something that in the past never happened before as they always got back to me within one day's time. I went through IObit's website on both my computer and its feedback through my phone, to no avail. Anyway, I now am having a worse problem as the other day the program disappeared from my phone. I did manage to get it back by going to Google Play Store, but it also told me that I already had PRO. Now to try to get it to connect with IObit is like turning my phone off entirely. In other words, it will not connect, although it did a few times in the now several days of attempts to get my already paid-for service back onto my phone. It gave me PRO, but as soon as I attempt to use it, it immediately goes back to the free version. I am quite disappointed with this product as the party I am replying to in this posting has said. It is making me feel that the computer versions I have already purchased will be eventually doing the same. Already one product for my computer has expired and I refuse to renew it for this very reason. I guess IObit has become too big for themselves or maybe they have been bought out by a big corporation that does not give a darn about its customers any longer. In the meantime I will continue to attempt to get in touch with IObit. I guess when this renewal I am now paid up with until 2022, I will not be renewing it as it presently goes. Posted September 18, 2021/Saturday
  10. Nobody deleted your post. I did edit the foul language, which is not allowed. So do not do it again. I did move them to the correct section of the Forum. Now you know the correct thing to do, so next time....I will delete them.
  11. Simply use software by another company. I uninstalled all IObit software from my devices after their latest debacle. iTop is malware.
  12. One more interesting finding: When starting the iTop Recorder uninstaller, the file iScrInit.exe from the Recorder installation directory is run. Since my AV blocked whatever the file tried to do in that instance, I had to kill said exe before the uninstallation would commence. My guess is iScrInit tries to capture more video or at the very least send user information to iTop servers.
  13. Unfortunately iTop products indeed seem to be malware spying on users (spyware or even trojan?). Check my post on this:
  14. yeah mods i overreacted but... i am fu%*ed up by iobit adware( unwanted software )... i scream alone the house together when i see that the junk reinstalls AGAIN and AGAIN with the updates from iobit ( i really dont like this method to trick persons with a little checkbox für my "agreement") how do i block the junkware(unwanted software?) the free version of the iobot programs is mostly good for me... but the itop/ifun ad/malware( unwanted software ) makes everything sh*t( bad ) my steps: install update of OIBIT UNINSTALLER with (unwanted software) start OIBIT UNINSTALLER uninsrtall (unwanted software) via OIBIT UNINSTALLER and mods / admins!!! when you delete my post please try to say why so i can change it too offensive? i write a new text with cats and dogs... wrong forum? i change it... but say me where is the right forum....
  15. Cicely, our problem is not just that IObit have these programmes available, it is that they are PRE-TICKED in the setup process meaning that, those of us who are less observant (i.e. most of the people who have posted about this issue) are simply bombarded with UNWANTED programmes. I'm all for offering additional features/programmes but vendors(IObit) should do just that...OFFER THEM, don't simply assume that we want them just because your want us to have them for "free" or fee, however small. While I agree that these programmes are not in themselves malware, the manner in which they are forced on unsuspecting customers is akin to the installation of malware in that it was unrequested, undesired and the installation unknown to the user. Finally, in the ANNOYING popup that cannot be closed... 1. Insert some way to get rid of the popup so that we don't have to restart our pc to do this 2. Along with the "resolve now" button, what about a "remove now" option for those of us who don't want the programme? We may have other ways of protecting our IP address without resorting to VPNs 3. if IObit don't act on this quickly you will lose many customers who will share that your company/products promote, install and force on its customers MALWARE
  16. english (translated): i am fu^*ed up by iobit adware like the rest.... i scream alone the house together when i see that the junk reinstalls AGAIN and AGAIN with the updates from iobit how do i block the junkware the free version of the iobot programs is mostly good for me... but the itop/ifun ad/malware makes everything s*it German: ich bin von iobit adware abgefuckt wie die sonst was... ich schreie allein das haus zusammen wenn ich sehe dass der dreck WIEDER und WIEDER reinstalliert mit den updates von iobit wie blockiere ich den müll die free version von den iobot programmen ist meistens gut für mich... aber die itop/ifun ad/malware macht alles scheisse
  17. Well installing new windows should fix it cause it uninstalls the old drivers and installs new ones
  18. Also, selecting end application from Screen Recorder's tray icon didn't end the corresponding processes, so I had to kill them via task manager before I was able to uninstall this malware. This, coupled with all the other malicious behavior written about in all the other threads here (including the running and silently recording in the background), shows that iTop is up to no good.
  19. Advanced SystemCare (version Feedback Suggestion regarding Delay of Startup Items from the Startup Optimizer; If any Startup Item of the Startup Optimizer is set to Delay it only applies to one reboot of the computer (in my case Desktop AIO Windows 10 Pro x64-bits). Because after a following reboot of the computer the corresponding delayed item setting is no longer activated. In my case I prefer that a startup item can be delayed for every reboot of the computer (some sort of default recurring delay) without losing its setting and having to this manually all the time (it's an annoying thing). Next to creating an option for also setting a recurring Delay automatically, it would also be conveniant to be able to set a preferred time range of Delay in seconds and/or minutes, let's say for instance from 10 up and to 300 seconds or from 1 minute up and to 5 minutes. Both such functionalities but recurring Delay in particular would add great value to the Startup Items feature, and overall complement the Startup Optimizer.
  20. So immediately after the unapproved installation of both iTop VPN and Screen Recorder I found three MP4 files with date- and timestamps in my %TEMP% folder, all 5s long, with the content being the goings on on my desktop. I cannot recall having started a recording in the software and all three files got created immediately after the installation. These iTop programs appear to be malware. Don't install them and uninstall them, should they have been shoved down your throat by IObit! Last time I ever had anything from IObit installed on my computer.
  21. So....... A new install of Win 10 did not fix the issue. A new install of Win 11 did fix it. It makes you wonder if Windows is really the problem...
  22. Okay, fortunately we got to download the windows 11 and it looks like its fixed now
  23. Read the first post. It clearly states.."RC"... release
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