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  • Wrong temps

    I've been thinking for a long time to report this bug but im have not shure for it now im shure the problem is in the performance monitor as you can see on the screen - on left side is my game on right site is the perf monitor with hwinfo64 program of which im 100% sure its accurate.
    And such bad accuracy for GPU or CPU temperature is really dangerous after 64 degrees happen something wrong ( please fix it already ) .
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    How do you know which temperature is correct, other than assuming that windows is correct.
    To err is Human. To really mess things up you need a PC.


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      Because im try severals apps and the results are 100% acc. for hwinfo64 i have no doubts and specialy this app is the most accurate for AMD hardware with im .


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        uforce it's always possible to something is wrong in my TV but i'm sure in my statement .


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          It probably means that your processor cannot handle the load of parallel computing and that your system needs a GPU.
          Your problem will be solved if you buy a new GPU.


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            Thanks for the clear answers, for a long time I could not understand what was wrong with my computer