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  • AI Mode Deleted History

    I had a continuous history saved in Firefox from August of 2019. By turning AI Mode on, I had no control of what was cleaaned and what was undisturbed. My history had nothing I needed to hide and was in fact a source of information or review. I have switched back to manual mode so I can again control what is deleted from my system and network computers.

    Yes, this time removing Junk Files deleted 7.2GB of files from a Download directory from a mapped drive. None of the files were recoverable with 2 separate Recovery applications! AI may have its place, but not when it comes to what I keep and consider Junk!

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    Hi kanmoz,

    I am sorry for the issue you encountered. Please follow the steps below to set ASC to make it not clean the history on Firefox and the files in Download directory.

    ASC 14 > Settings > Privacy Sweep > uncheck "History" under Firefox;
    Also in Settings > Junk File Clean > uncheck "Windows Download Folder" > click OK button.

    Then both AI Mode and Manual Mode will not clean the history on FireFox any more, and the files in your Download directory will not be cleaned.

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      Simply Follow the steps below
      1. Type this link in a new webpage in Google:
      2. Enter Google account and password to log in.
      3. Locate Data & personalization, and scroll down to Search History, where you can find the synced browsing history. Just resave them to bookmarks so that the deleted history has been recovered successfully.