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Windows Update 1709 (Antivirus Scan Issue)

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  • Windows Update 1709 (Antivirus Scan Issue)

    I think the Antivirus detected a bunch of false positives and i'm afraid to fix them!?

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    Hi Alice,

    1) Please make sure you have updated your database to the latest version and re-scan to see whether you will get the same detection.
    2) ?Please Zip all the suspicious file and upload it to and then give us the download link.
    3)? Please download the debug info tool from

    Double click to run it >> click Collect button and it will generate a file on your desktop. Please send us this file for analyzing. If the zip file is too large to send to us, please upload it to and give us the download link.

    Thanks for your patience.

    IObit Support Team --
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