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  • ektorbarajas
    it all goes back to what happened between malwarebytes and iobit:

    so in essential both companies were (or are) in dispute and so each other mark the competitor software as "bad"

    But anyway, I DO recommend iobit products except iobit malware fighter

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  • car7
    started a topic Trust flag Malwarbytes

    Trust flag Malwarbytes

    I am trying to find a new antivirus/utility to replace Windows Defender, and so I'm testing Iobit System Care Ultimate 12. I also installed Malwarebytes and noticed it was flagged as untrusted by Iobit and that Malwarebytes also flagged Iobit as a PUP. Can you provide insight into what is happening as these are both security software applications?

    Also are there any other applications I must watch out for incompatibilities?